Harmony of color in our house – how important it is for the harmony of our feelings. How important it is for the harmony of our health. Only one color can be cured. For color is also healing energy. Contemplating the right colors around you and at the same time eating the right colors in the right combinations, you can get rid of the disease.
When preparing food, you must remember that the color of food itself has energy. And this energy can carry healing powers, and can destroy, if we use the wrong product.
White color relieves tension, drives away anxiety, calms thoughts. White color enhances the function of the visual system and internal glands. But do not get involved in pure white color – use it only in combination with other colors.
Useful white foods – rice, white cabbage, sea salt (in small quantities), fish with white meat.
Harmful white foods – white flour, sugar, salt in large quantities, milk in excessive quantities, potatoes.
Red color awakens vitality. Increases body temperature, heals with anemia and loss of strength. It makes the muscles elastic and the joints moving.
Useful red foods – beets, pomegranate grains, radishes, cherries, strawberries, red cabbage, paprika.
Harmful red foods – large quantities of fish roe, tomatoes, tomato juice and tomato sauce.
Orange color allows you to awaken hidden strengths and abilities. This color adjusts to unprecedented generosity. He strengthens the will. It improves metabolism, increases blood circulation, has a beneficial effect on skin color and digestion, increases appetite and gives a feeling of joy. Restores balance, gives strength in grief.
Useful orange products – carrots, orange, apricot.
Harmful orange foods – some fish meat.
Yellow is the color of health, it gives vitality. Helps from melancholy. Infusion of yellow flowers treat jaundice.
Useful yellow foods – melon, pumpkin, millet.
Harmful yellow foods – bananas, egg yolks, cheese.
Green color gives confidence and improves heart function. It helps dispel negative emotions, gives tranquility, helps with shock and has a hypnotic effect.
Healthy green foods – all green vegetables, apples.
. Harmful green products – not detected.
Blue color brings clarity of thought, helps to restore nerves, heals with intense heartbeat, with intestinal upset, nervous overstrain, calms raging passions, extinguishes emotions, reduces blood pressure.
Useful blue foods – black currants, blue berries, some algae.
Harmful blue foods – eggplants.
Violet color allows you to get insights from above, helps to know the laws of the world. Light purple color calms when anxious, gently improves eyesight.
Useful purple foods – grapes, plum.
Harmful purple foods – jams and fruit jelly.

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