Creating a harmony of space with colors and shapes, we will create a harmony of sound. Let’s learn to sound harmoniously.
Every person has an energy that emits waves and vibrations. This is also a sound. Do we sound harmonious? Let’s try to create harmonious vibrations in ourselves and fill them with our living space.
Exercise “Cleansing and soothing sound”
Starting position: relax, take a comfortable position – better standing. Melodically, draw out the sound “Aaaa”. Feel the sound reflected in the body and the body begins to fill with vibrations from the inside. Sing “Aaaa” until you feel the vibrations that fill the whole body, especially in the lower part.
Now feel the vibrations emanating from the body, as if the whole body is sounding and filling the surrounding space with sound. With this sound you are purifying both your body and all the space around.
Also practice in the melody sound “oooo”. Feel again how the body vibrates, especially in its chest part. Fill the whole body with vibrations, let the vibrations radiate from the body and fill all the space around.
Now draw a lengthy “MM”. Feel how the body is filled with vibrations, and especially the head. Let the vibrations from the head area spread to the outer space.
Connect all three sounds into one: “AU-M”. Singing “AU-M” is a very good way to purify your energies, bring them to harmony and create harmony around you. You will feel cleared and calmed down.
However, this singing will only purify and calm you if you eat properly – macrobiotic food. Energy will not be able to flow through the body clogged with harmful food, it will stagnate, get stuck.
Eat right, cleanse your energies and the energies of the surrounding space – and you will live a long happy life. But a long life will not be just the extension of old age – you will save youth, vitality, you will always be vigorous, strong and healthy.

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