Ironic form

A very interesting and rare type of depression, which is precisely characterized by the expression “laughing through tears”. These patients use irony, self-mockery, like a shield with which they are trying to push the disease away. This is how the brain tries to protect itself, and sometimes it may even seem that it is succeeding – exactly until the moment when such a person tries to commit suicide, unable to withstand his own condition and not seeing the meaning in later life. It is ironic depression that is quite dangerous in this regard – a person remains active, tries to do something and even jokes while cats are scratching his soul.

Anesthetic depression

The concept of “anesthesia” is familiar to us from medicine – where anesthetics are used to reduce sensitivity. Anesthetic depression has this name for the same reason, because the main complaints of a person in this case are associated with the loss of their own emotions. The lack of a feeling of love for loved ones, the joy of life, worries a person very much. A depressed person feels as if he was wrapped in a cocoon from which it is impossible to look normally at the world around him. Everything around seems gray, lifeless, as if painted.

This type of psychological disorder has three components: lack of feelings, lack of sensations (for example, hunger or desire to sleep), and inability to fully perceive the world around us. In each individual case, all three components may be present in full, and one of the three components may also prevail.

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