You can dive into the meditative state even during normal walking. If you have the opportunity to go out into the open air, find a flat platform or just a path, the length of which is approximately 25 to 30 steps.
Stand at one end of the walkway and focus on your body. Let the body be straightened, arms loosely hanging along the body.

Now gently fold your palms in front of you or behind your back. Direct your gaze to a point at ground level, which is about three meters ahead of you. It is necessary to look only at the ground in front of you, so that the gaze will not be distracted by any visual impressions.
Now start calm, gentle walking. Walk at an arbitrary pace to the end of the track.
At the end of the path, stop and inhale and exhale several times, following the process of inhalation and exhalation, concentrating on them.

Now turn around and go back. When walking, watch the sensations in the body. But pay special attention to the sensations in the feet. Feel how the soles touch the ground, how the feet push off the ground, how they smoothly move through the air and touch the earth again. All attention should be taken feeling in the feet.

If you get stuck in obsessive thoughts again and again, begin to focus more and more deeply on the sensations in your feet. Stopping at the end of the walkway, discard any anxiety, anxiety, exhale it all with the exhaled air. Be sure to come a moment when thoughts go. Let it be just a moment for a start. But you will feel it. And this is a lot.
If you can not walk on the air, you can walk around the room in a circle, make a stop after each lap.
Everything that you see, everything that you feel, imagine in the same flow as the flow of thoughts; let this flow pass through you without hurting you. Realize that your thoughts, feelings, perception, your mood is not you. All this passes and leaves, and you stay. Gradually, a feeling of lightness and tranquility arises, allowing the mind to clear.

Being engaged in meditation regularly, you will begin to live in a completely new way – to live, penetrating into the essence of the phenomena and things of the world. You will notice how the pain itself goes away and the illness disappears. You will see that you have become calmer and more peaceful, and the world is good to you, and you have no reason to be angry and annoyed. Your mind will become sincere and clear, more focused and more aware. Therefore, it will acquire the ability to more accurately and quickly respond to everything that happens around you, and more harmony will appear in your life. You can calmly accept the most diverse feelings arising in your mind. You can sincerely, openly and freely accept the world and yourself as they are.
You will get rid of dissatisfaction with yourself and others. You will be able to come to terms with yourself and become more confident. You will find yourself the way the Creator intended you to be.

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