Concentration of the mind can be easily achieved simply during ordinary sitting. It is only necessary to find a quiet, quiet place where there will be no obstacles for practicing. Let it be a quiet room without unnecessary things so that the mind is not distracted by them. Let it be light and spacious in this room. It will clarify and purify the mind. A dark, gloomy room with a lot of things just makes the mind and deprive it of its freedom. It is necessary that at this time you are in no hurry and your thoughts are not burdened by the work ahead or something that you need to do immediately. It is better to do it early in the morning or in the evening, after work.

Take a position in which the back is straightened, but there is no tension in it. It is best to sit on a chair with a straight back. Make sure that the chin is only slightly tilted forward, but the head does not hang on his chest. Put your hands on your knees, palms up. Find a position in which you will be comfortable, in which you will feel a state of internal balance.
Now direct your attention to the face area. Notice what voltage there is, remove them. Start moving attention down through the body. Notice sensations, relax any tension, especially on the face, neck and hands. Allow the eyelids to close completely or half.
Notice how you feel. Are there any expectations? Take them off. You are not waiting for anything. You just sit.

Relax your attention to the body. Notice how thoughts, memories, fantasies, doubts float through your mind … Watch how they float by, pass through you and go. Imagine all these thoughts in the form of a stream that flows by. Realize that this flow is not you. He comes and goes, and you stay. Do not fight with this stream, but do not cling to it, do not flow with it, just watch how it flows past. So you calm the mind.
Again, turn to the body and notice what sensations are there – warmth, pulsation, coolness, tingling, numbness … Note in which areas of the body there are sensations and which are not – Examine your body carefully with your mind’s eye, mark all What do you feel. In the end, the mind will calm down completely.
Practice every day just to watch your mind from the outside, not to engage in mental conversation, not to struggle with thoughts, but to let them through you and let them go.
If you feel sleepy or, on the contrary, agitation and tension, then with more attention, immerse yourself in the study of your body. Do this until you reach tranquility.

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