In search of a means of healing, I got acquainted with meditation quite early, but for a long time I did not understand its true meaning. The true meaning was revealed to me when I experienced satori. And then I realized that the state called meditation is the state of oneness with the Universe, with the world, with nature, the state in which healing comes, for when you merge with nature and the Universe, you yourself become the Universe – and the Universe can not be sick.
As a result of a long search, I found a wonderful state in which healing took place, in which I found happiness and joy of being. The day I first felt it became the best day of my life.
Before that, I was persistently engaged in meditation and thought about what I am, why I came to this world, where I am going. Then one day, while walking in the mountains, reflecting, as before, on the issues of life that concern me, I looked from the top to the landscape that opened before me. It was a clear day, the rocks were lit by the sun, and hid near the horizon in a faint haze. It was a great view. I could not tear myself away from contemplation. And he was so absorbed in him that his thoughts seemed to stop: I was and I and not me at the same time, I seemed to merge with the rocks, the sea and myself became part of the surrounding landscape.

A seemingly very simple thing happened: I just stopped thinking, my mind had disappeared somewhere, my words and thoughts had disappeared somewhere in my head. And then a miracle happened – I forgot myself, forgot my name, my body and my diseases, I forgot that I am a human being – I became a part of space, a part of the world, without a name, without a body, without many diseases and problems … There are no memories, no hopes, no past, no future. There was only one moment – there was only here and now. But how filled, saturated, how endless and infinitely deep was this moment! I felt what the true fullness of life means. It was like a new birth. Or as a sudden awakening from sleep. I found myself again, I found the whole world again, I found life again. I looked inward – and I saw the whole Universe there. I looked at the world – and in everything that surrounded me, I saw myself, I felt. The world was me, and I was the world, and there were no borders between us.
I realized that I had acquired the greatest of the treasures of the world, which in fact is so close that you don’t need to look for it – in yourself. The whole Universe is in us. And everyone can open it in themselves to become happy forever. Each of us is a whole world, a whole infinite Universe. How can the universe be unhappy?
In order to look into yourself, you do not need any preparation at all. Our true nature is with us all the time, and it is always ready to open up to us. And by discovering our true nature, we begin to see the true essence of all things. We begin to see the true essence of all the phenomena and events of the world, all the people around us. Only the vision turned inward is the true sight.
Only by looking inside yourself and discovering your identity with the Universe, you can enter into a state of perfect understanding of yourself and others, of eternal peace and harmony within yourself.
I have been in this state for more than twenty years – and I can say that it brings with it health. Proper nutrition and meditation are not always the keys that open the door to this state. But I can say with confidence that without proper nutrition and meditation it is impossible to maintain this state for as long as twenty years.

Meditation begins with relaxation (the exercise “complete relaxation”). But meditation is much more than just relaxation. It is such a concentrated mind on its body or on objects of the surrounding world, when the mind itself simply ceases to exist, as it stops and allows us to perceive the world not through the mind, but with all our true being, which is part of the Universe. Only this perception is true.
I want to offer you several ways of meditation.

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