Miracle of fasting

What is the most significant discovery of our age? What dinosaur eggs found in the deserts of Mongolia, which, according to scientists, were postponed 10 million years ago? Excavations of ancient graves and cities, written monuments – invaluable evidence of bygone civilizations?

The discovery of radioactive hours, according to which Professor Lane from Tuft College determined the age of the Earth at 1.25 million years? Jet planes? A television? Radio? Atomic Energy? H-bomb? Not! None of them.

Greatest discovery

In my opinion, the greatest discovery of modern man is the acquisition of the ability to rejuvenate oneself physically, mentally and spiritually with the help of rational starvation.

Hungry scientifically, a person can gain unfading youth.

A starving person prevents premature aging. The fear of decrepitude and becoming a burden for oneself and others is one of the most unpleasant fears for a person. This fear nests deep in the heart!

With the help of complete information about fasting, presented in this book, you can get rid of the fear of premature aging.

A weekly 24-hour full starvation, which is 52 days a year, and at least three seventy-day starvation, will help to get rid of toxins and slag joints and muscles.

You need to know that in this case we are talking about metabolic by-products (the biological process of turning food into living matter, and this matter, in turn, into energy), which bring with us our diseases and premature old age.

When the vitality of your body falls below normal, then you face all the physical and even psychological problems. Fasting saves your vitality

Let me explain in more detail. We absorb food, and as it passes through the body, it is crushed, digested, assimilated, and the excess is removed from the body. We have four organs responsible for the removal of harmful substances: the intestines, the kidneys, the lungs and the skin.

In order for these organs to work well, the body must have a high life potential, that is, energy potential. To remove excess, it is necessary to expend energy.

It takes a tremendous amount of vital energy to allow a large amount of food to pass through the digestive tract, a path thirty feet long, which stretches from the mouth to the rectum.

A tremendous amount of energy is required to allow fluids to flow through two million human kidney filters. Vital energy is also required for chemical processes in the liver and gall bladder, which prepare food for the absorption of billions of body cells.

A lot of vital energy is required to enrich five to eight liters of blood with oxygen through the lungs and remove carbon dioxide from the body.

The vital energy is also necessary for the skin with its 96 million pores, through which toxic substances in the form of sweat are removed.

Eat less – live longer.

A strong one who has managed to overcome his bad habits.

Benjamin Franklin

We live in a poisoned world

The role of vital force is to provide anergy to remove from the body of poisons that were formed during the processing of food.

The vital force maintains the body temperature all the time at 36.6 degrees Celsius (if the temperature rises, we get sick, if it falls below the mark, we too get sick).

In our modern civilized world, the life force has many enemies of poisons that need to be dealt with, those poisons that man himself creates.

The biggest mud is in the sky

We are bombarded by dirt from the air we breathe. Take for example New York: about 60 tons of dust each month falls on every square mile of a city.

Think of the dirt that your body must fight to survive in the atmosphere of New York. It is not surprising that in this poisoned city there are so many hospitals and sick people.

Scientists have found that a resident of an industrial city such as Pittsburgh or Birmingham (Alabama) is more likely to meet face-to-face with deadly lung diseases, suffer from heart disease only because of breathing polluted air.

Such a particular form of poisoned air, as it could, exerts its effect not only in Los Angeles, but also in Phoenix, Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, Washington and in many other cities and towns across the country.

A terrible mixture of soot and smoke from factories, incinerators and smelting furnaces of plants, the gases of chemical plants and the exhaust gases of cars and buses make from the air, which most Americans breathe, a terrible cocktail.

Air pollution is a real threat to our health and life. And starvation is the only means that can remove these terrible waste from our bodies.

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