Our rivers, lakes and streams are also heavily polluted

Not only the air poisons our body with poisons, but also the water is so polluted that special chemical methods are needed to make it potable. An inorganic substance called chlorine is used to purify our drinking water, and alum and some other inorganic substances also serve.

Remember that our body can absorb only organic matter (of plant or animal origin). Any inorganic substance is removed from the body (of course, with the expenditure of vital energy).

If a person is at the limit of vitality, then many of these inorganic substances accumulate in tissues, which can cause great damage to health in the future.

Lake Erie is in critical condition, and the symptoms of this are visible throughout. The once white beaches of the lake are now covered with foul-smelling green silt.

The fish riches of Lake Erie have almost disappeared: perch, pike perch, whitefish. At the same time fishing also disappears. A Cleveland medical student wrote to me: “Our lake is a garbage pit for industrial waste. Fish cannot live in it, people cannot drink its water, as it is poisoned by toxic chemicals. ”

The main cause of the terrible pollution of the lake is that its largest tributaries have become almost gutters. Only Detroit pours one and a half million gallons of waste per day into the Detroit River, which directly flows into Lake Erie.

The river Kayakhoga , which flows through Akron and Cleveland, before connecting its waters with the lake, is so polluted with splinters, sawdust, rot, fuel and lubricants, and old ropes;which is well deserved the name of the dirtiest river in America.

Add to this all the thousands of remains of dead fish, and the picture of terrible pollution will be complete.

Traveling along the Buffalo River last summer, the Buffalo Mayor sailed past entire islands of chemical waste, mud, and a full array of industrial waste. The stench was terrifying. “Incredible! Amazing! ”He exclaimed.

Everywhere in the country you will find polluted water sources. But we have to consume water, a lot of water, and all of it must undergo chemical cleaning. And remember: all these inorganic substances must be removed from the body, otherwise they will cause terrible harm …

If the vital forces of the body are reduced and cannot resist the invasion of these inorganic substances with the help of their excretory system, in this case they remain in the body and cause disastrous consequences.

If we are going to remove poisons from the body, we must starve, because by fasting we give the body physiological rest, this peace will restore our vitality, and the more of these forces we have, the sooner the poisons and toxins will be removed from the body.

Fasting is an inner healing and cleansing.

Chemical aerosol poisoning

Tons of toxic substances blur in the air, not only killing insect pests, but also staying on fruits and vegetables that we eat afterwards. Salads, of course, are useful and tasty, but sometimes they turn out to be deadly due to the fact that vegetables were sprinkled with pesticides.

The harvest of fruits and vegetables is now more often than ever treated with chemical pesticides. Therefore, be careful not to endanger your health. Salad may well be poisoned man.

Once, several women had breakfast at a hotel in Miami, and soon they began to have cramps, dizziness and nausea. When medical assistance arrived, they found out that people were poisoned by appetizing green salad. The doctor stated: the poisoning is caused by an overdose of DDT and other toxic chemicals in vegetables.

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