Poison-treated crop

More and more poisonous pesticides are processed by our food. The Food and Drug Administration announced: “Three batches of vegetables, according to analysis, were infected with pesticides.”

Two batches of chicory, as it turned out, contain more than the maximum permissible dose of poison. A batch of lettuce was destroyed because it contained a large amount of DDT. ”

And that is not all. As a rule, only vegetables that go into interstate commerce are checked, so only a small portion of the food goes through the inspection.

Many tons of lettuce that contain pesticide precipitation “exceeding the maximum permissible doses” remain in the state or in the district where they are grown.

They are not checked at all. As for exported products, the Food and Drug Administration recognizes that because of its limited capabilities, only some of the products that are subject to interstate commerce are checked.

Some drink avidly of the fountain of knowledge, while others only gargle.

The terrible truth is that a high percentage of agricultural products reaching your salad bowl are sprayed with a wide range of different poisons, including chloride hydrocarbons, including DDT, phosphorus compounds, and other pesticides.

Infection of vegetables is not limited to spraying the ground part of the plant.

Doctors have shown that DDT and other chemicals, getting on the soil, remain for many months and are subsequently absorbed by other crops grown in this field.

Rising up, it enters the fruit of the plant. The poison becomes part of the plant and cannot be derived from it.

If you understand that the fetus is poisoned, then you are trying to get rid of the poison, removing, for example, the skin from a tomato or the top layer of lettuce. It is a pity, but you try in vain. You, of course, removed something, but the poison remained deep in the tissues of the plant. Poisons are not destroyed by cooking, they remain poisons after cooking.

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