When we go hungry

When we go hungry – stop eating – all the vital energy that was used to assimilate food is now spent on removing poisons from the body. For example, I traveled a lot in the United States and other countries with lectures.

I was lucky to know a lot of people who send me vegetables and fruits grown in their orchards and gardens. But quite often I am forced to eat what I have at the moment, although I know that most of this food is saturated with pesticides. That’s why I go hungry for 24 or 36 hours a week, and four times ten days a year.

When I go through a ten-day full fast, every morning I take a sample of the first urine after sleep. I put it in a small bottle and store it in a cool place. After a few days, small crystals are found in the urine. I send urine for chemical analysis, which shows that it contains traces of DDT and other toxic pesticides.

Once, when I was fasting for 21 days, then on the 19th day I felt severe pain in the bladder, especially unpleasant when urinating.

I sent urine for analysis, and it turned out that it was oversaturated with DDT and other toxins. When these poisons came out of me, I felt a huge surge of energy.

The whites of my eyes have become snow white, and my skin has acquired a pleasant color. I remember it was the 19th day of fasting, I went to Pasadena (California) to Mount Wilson, whose height is 1,800 meters, climbed to the top absolutely without any tension.

Going down the run, I felt a huge relief. From my point of view, fasting is the only way to rid the body of those toxic substances that are produced by industry.

Paraffin on fruits and vegetables is dangerous to our health.

A new threat to the health of the nation has emerged. When you eat an apple, pear, plum, green cucumber or pepper, carefully examine the surface of the fruit. Does she shine brightly? Is it smooth and glossy? If so, be careful!

There is a possibility that they are covered with a wax solution of paraffin, which, according to medical authorities, is a very serious threat to the health of Americans.

The wax coat encloses the fruit in a protective layer that prevents the loss of water and juices, preserves the product’s taste and fresh appearance.

But this layer causes great harm to health. Eating the fruit, we get something like wax, which can not be assimilated by the body.

Paraffin is a product of oil refining, and in our body there is not a single organ, not excluding the liver, which could process it.

Dangerous wax is deposited in the body. So doctors have reason to be worried. Many new diseases appeared in America with the launch of the release of processed foods for commercial purposes.

We should not leave paraffin in our body, paraffin carrying a disease. In my opinion, 24-36-hour fasting sessions and longer periods of fasting throughout the year will help rid the body of this dangerous product.

Remember that when fasting a large amount of released vital energy produces tremendous cleansing work in the body!

At the heart of every disease lies its cause, which no medicine can eliminate.

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