New powerful poisons invade your food

More than a thousand synthetic food additives are included in the national diet, which in many respects “provides” us with a large number of diseases. For many years, our diet was overloaded, as claimed, “harmless” supplements, which proved to be hazardous to health.

Nevertheless, many of them are still used.

Take a loaf of industrial white bread, it was processed, bleached, tinted, enriched, cleaned, softened, canned, flavored.

And all this with the help of synthetic chemical ingredients. Now it is almost impossible to purchase a loaf consisting of 100% whole-grain wheat flour, free from flavoring and synthetic food additives.

The human body is a collection of individual cells, and nothing more. If you eat normally, if your food satisfies the basic needs of growth and functioning, these cells will allow you to live up to 120 years or more.

But when a person does not reckon with his body, breathes dirty stinky air, his cells react accordingly to this, and the person goes to a hospital bed or a cemetery.

When he pollutes his food and changes its composition with synthetic chemicals, it inevitably causes damage to the cells of the body, they begin to function poorly, because they cannot adapt to such substances.

How can the body work well if it is loaded with synthetic food additives?

The only advice is to eat food that is as close as possible to natural products, try to avoid chemically processed foods.

Eat the most natural food you can get. Carefully read the labels on the products you buy!

Ask questions in the store about any food that interests you, even email food manufacturers and ask them for a full analysis of the products they sell.

For 24-36 hours of fasting, you can get rid of most commercial poisons. If you feel that you can no longer cope with them, spend a seventy-day fast, thoroughly cleanse the body.

You will be shocked by how much toxic substances were in your food. Remember that commercial interests have nothing to do with interest in your life and health.

At dinner, eat a little, for dinner, even less, and even better to go to bed completely without dinner.

Benjamin Franklin

When you are starving, the vital energy performs the cleansing work in your body.

The body is self-cleaning, self- healing and self-repairing . When you stop eating, wonderful things happen in your body! If you want to keep your body clean, you must starve!

Try to starve a few times, you will feel something that you have never felt before – the inner cleansing that leads you to Health!

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