Rules of home weight loss

Talking about how to lose weight at home effectively (without returning the notorious kilograms), you should give a few general tips:

1) Drink more water – this rule is based on any diet and nutrition system. And in real life this advice remains relevant. After all, water cleanses the body, stimulates metabolism. In addition, a glass of water, consumed half an hour before meals, will help significantly reduce the portion. There is a diet based on this principle: “we grow thin on water”. It has shown its effectiveness. It is suggested to drink one, two and three glasses of water before breakfast, lunch and dinner, respectively.

2) An important role in the process of weight loss is the consumption of a sufficient amount of vitamin D. This vitamin, in addition to its participation in calcium metabolism, is also directly involved in the processes of protein synthesis (including muscle). These processes require energy expenditure, for which the body has to split the available fat stores. Therefore, in addition to diet and exercise, you must take vitamin D, for example, in the form of chewing tablets Ultra-D. They contain 25 μg (1,000 IU) of cholecalciferol (vitamin D3), thanks to the shape of chewing tablets Ultra-D can be taken at any convenient time, do not require washing with water.

3) Sugar and flour products are prohibited. Of course, there are nutritional systems that allow sweet (for example, “minus 60”) or synthetic sweeteners. You will have to choose yourself, but it is worth remembering that the body does not like it when they deceive. Accordingly, he will demand sweets not only in the morning, and substitutes do not bring health anything good. If you really want to pamper yourself – it is better to eat dried fruit: dried apricots, prunes or dates. Of course, if this does not contradict the chosen power system.

4) Without physical exercises, it is unlikely to achieve a good effect. Any woman who has lost weight without diets will say that the result is directly proportional to physical activity. It is not necessary to go to the gym (although it is desirable), you can buy a set of exercises and study at home. Even morning jogs or jumping rope will give a positive result.

5) Positive attitude. Psychological trainings will help to relax, do not concentrate on the problem of excess weight, but correctly and clearly go to the goal. It is often necessary to imagine yourself in an ideal form. As you know, the idea is material, so the desired will come true. Even old jeans, which were once easily managed to climb, or a beautiful dress, which suddenly became small, can even motivate.

6) Before going to bed, no food. Of course, diet and nutrition systems are different, but it is more correct not to eat at least 3-4 hours before bedtime. Many people say that you should not eat after 18 or 19 hours. On the one hand, they are right, but on the other, not all go to bed at 21-22 hours. Accordingly, it is better to work out for yourself the system of the last meal according to your own regimen.

7) Once a week you need to arrange unloading days. They can be based on any mono-diet.

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