With the slogan: “Lose weight a week!” – there are so-called mono-diet. Due to the presence of only one component in them, the result will be lightning fast. Rare monodiet contains any two products (for example, buckwheat and kefir). As components, protein products, cereals, fruits and vegetables are used. The effect is not only a quick result, but also in the purification of the body. By the number of products, the “weight loss per week” diets are divided into the following types:
“balanced.” It is recommended to eat two foods: kefir and apples (for a day you can drink 1.5 liters of low-fat kefir, and also eat half a kilogram of apples), yogurt and cucumber, rice and apples (a glass of cereals to boil without salt, 2 apples a day will also be allowed) . There are many options. For a week, on average, you can lose 5-6 kg;
“fast”. Due to the fact that only one component is used (usually a product containing slow carbohydrates) it is very difficult to transfer. You can sit on it for no more than five days.

The most common fast mono:

  • buckwheat (steamed glass of cereals for a day);
  • kefir (only 2 liters of low-fat kefir is allowed);
  • fish (any fish prepared without oil is allowed);
  • watermelon (the calculation is as follows: 1 kilogram of watermelon for every 10 kg of weight).

Any mono-diet is a great stress for the body. To the ill-fated kilograms did not return immediately, you must adhere to the way out of the diet, ie, add one product every day. Naturally, it should not be fried potatoes or fatty meat. It is better to give preference to vegetables and fruits, low-calorie porridges on the water, for example, oatmeal.

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