Scientists: 40-year-old women are the sexiest

Women between the ages of 30 and 40 have more sex cravings and more intense sexual fantasies than young girls. Scientists suggest that this is due to the fact that at this age a woman begins to feel her years more sharply and the associated decrease in the ability to have a child, reports The Telegraph .

Women subconsciously perceive age in the region of 40 years as a kind of milestone, overcoming which, their ability to get pregnant, bear and give birth to a child is significantly reduced. Accordingly, an instinctive reaction to this sensation is an increase in sexual appetite, and in search of a possible successor of the family, women begin to pay attention to men who are much younger than them.

A survey of almost 900 women made it possible to identify three age groups. The first group included women who are at the optimal age for pregnancy and childbirth – from 19 to 26 years. The second category includes those whose ability to give birth begins to decline – from 27 to 45 years old. Finally, women over the age of 45 are approaching or have already reached menopause.

So, experts have found that women from the middle age group are much more “sexually oriented” and experience brighter and more intense sexual fantasies than their younger and older “colleagues”.

A vibrant sex life in women begins after 40 years

Scientists from the UK have conducted research on sexuality. They examined 2 thousand women over the age of 40. It turned out that 80% of them are sure that only after 40 years did they have a time for a vibrant sex life.

40th anniversary of the ladies said that it was at this age that sex is the most important aspect in their life. Women become happier and less sick if there is constant sex at this age. At the same time, the sex life itself proceeds better and brighter than in youth – women receive complete satisfaction and full pleasure from sex, writes Vrach.TV.

It should be noted that it was previously proved that during the climacteric period in women, sexual activity increases.

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