What about wine?

Many poets and writers wrote about this drink, artists created pictures, creators dedicated their works. However, people did not have a common attitude and opinion about wine. Some believe that this drink is harmful, others are useful, and still others are neutral about it.

The benefits of wine

I would like to start with the already proven fact that wine is good for the heart. But here it is necessary to clarify that only red wine , since the tannins, which give the drink a red hue, contain procyanidins , which prevent many heart diseases.

You should not use wine as a medicine; rather, it is recommended to use it as a preventive measure, in moderation.

Other research evidence dictates that one glass of wine is equal to one hour spent in the gym. However, this information should not be taken literally. A healthy and active lifestyle cannot be replaced with any drink. Again, these readings suggest that wine can help maintain muscle tone and speed up training results as it improves blood circulation.

Wine contains antioxidants that actively rid the body of cancer cells and other diseases. Red wine is especially beneficial for women, as it prevents ovarian cancer. Also, American researchers claim that drinking wine reduces the risk of kidney stones and effectively fights those already formed.

Harm from wine

It is important to understand that, despite its positive properties, wine is an alcoholic product. Therefore, like any other drink, it can harm the body. Wine should be consumed in limited quantities and preferably dry varieties.

Speaking of preferences, any wine is a natural product. Therefore, if dry is not a priority in choosing, then other varieties will also have the listed positive effects on the body.

It is important to avoid mixing the drink. Various cocktails containing wines do not have positive properties, but rather the opposite.

It is important to remember that not all people are advised to consume this drink and, preferably, before starting to drink wine every day, consult a doctor. After all, there may be intolerance, allergies, any diseases that do not appear, but are dangerous when drinking alcohol.

And, most importantly, any alcohol is addictive. Therefore, if a person has doubts or a strong predisposition to addiction, then it is worth refusing to drink wine.

Today, for the prevention and maintenance of the body in a healthy state, you can take vitamins, supplements and other means that have positive properties.

Summing up, we recall that wine is, first of all, an alcoholic drink, and in unreasonable quantities of consumption will cause significant damage to the body. But in moderate doses (no more than 50g per day), red wine really has a positive effect. The benefits of drinking wine need to be considered individually.


There is only one conclusion and it is disappointing – alcohol is harmful to health in any quantity. Even in small ones. We expose our body to irreversible consequences. Damaged brain cells will never heal. Slowly and imperceptibly for ourselves, our intellect and memory are disturbed. We become less focused and our basic instincts become dull. Degradation of the personality occurs. Health is destroyed imperceptibly, but qualitatively and gradually. Diseases appear, and behind them, not far away, is the last step.

Each person chooses for himself what kind of life he will live. But, I want to believe that you will face the truth and make the right choice in favor of your happiness, health and maintaining awareness.

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