The harm of alcohol

Alcohol is harmful to the body. Everyone knows this from a young age. “Alcoholism is scary, but in small doses it is even useful” – alcohol lovers resort to this conclusion. How does alcohol actually affect the body? Let’s look at this issue.

Even very small doses of alcohol can cheer you up. We relax and get rid of problems. However, these are just our feelings.

At the physiological level, everything does not happen as pleasantly as we would like. Oxygen starvation is euphoric. After that comes relaxation, from which we quickly and deeply fall asleep. However, for medical reasons, it is known that at this moment an alcoholic coma occurs and metabolic disorders occur.

Alcoholic coma

An alcoholic coma destroys neural connections in the brain, which leads to memory destruction. As a result of vascular blockage, a micro-stroke occurs and brain cells die. The consequences are known: we cannot remember what is happening in the moment of intoxication.


Then comes the hangover. The body begins to cleanse dead cells. To do this, he will need additional fluid and increased pressure. There is a feeling of thirst and headache. All dead brain cells are excreted through the urine. The alcoholic literally drains his brains.

Digestive system

At the same time, devastating changes affect the digestive system. Experimentally, scientists have proven that the mucous membrane of the digestive tract swells and becomes inflamed, bleeding ulcers and purulent discharge appear. It’s scary to imagine what harm we do by drinking alcohol on an empty stomach. Stomach ulcers develop into a chronic form.

Coffee with alcohol: harm and benefit

Aromatic coffee in the morning will help you wake up, cheer up and activate attention. This aromatic drink, if consumed in moderation, will not harm a person. Thanks to alcoholic drinks, a person relaxes. But if you mix the two drinks, what happens?

Does this combination harm or benefit?

There is a misconception that coffee can help reduce the possibility of drunkenness and, if necessary, can help you stay sober longer. Scientists have completely refuted this fact. The harm caused to the body by combining coffee and alcohol was explained.

Caffeine before alcohol

If a cup of coffee is drunk half an hour before the main meal, caffeine will not harm, but benefit. Thus, the effect of ethanol on humans is significantly reduced. The substance found in an invigorating drink drunk before consuming alcohol triggers the activation of liver components that are able to break down alcohol with greater intensity.

Of particular benefit is coffee, to which cream is added. With the help of milk fats, the walls of the digestive tract are enveloped. This will help to significantly reduce the flow of ethanol into the bloodstream through the stomach and intestinal walls.

If you take two drinks at the same time

Cognac with coffee can already be classified as a classic. But this can lead to serious risks. Each of these drinks has a different effect on the body.

How caffeine affects:

• excites the body;     

• increases pressure;     

• constricts blood vessels.     

When drinking alcoholic beverages:

• the nervous system calms down;     

• the body relaxes in general;     

• pressure decreases;     

• blood vessels dilate.     

An organism that experiences such different actions suffers immediately from a double burden. This can negatively affect the nervous system, blood vessels, heart.

Coffee after alcohol

Another misconception is that drinking caffeine after alcohol will help a person not feel overwhelmed. The consumed drink will give an illusory sensation of sobriety, leading to a slight clouding of the mind.

And there are also other negative consequences after drinking coffee with alcoholic beverages. Doctors have a whole list of complications that arise after consuming drinks with opposite effects. Some of these side effects are:

• a sharply increasing pulse;     

• developing arrhythmia or persistent shortness of breath;     

• pathology of the vascular walls;     

• developed hypertension, hypotension;     

• increased production of acid in the gastrointestinal tract (therefore, gastritis and ulcers develop);     

• increased susceptibility to the development of atherosclerosis;     

• increased work of the heart muscle;     

• increased excitability of the nervous system;     

• increased anxiety, nervousness, insomnia;     

• migraines.     

Alcohol and cigarettes: danger of combination

People who smoke often combine alcoholic drinks with coffee with smoked cigarettes. And no one thinks about the fact that such a hobby can greatly harm a person.

Heart work

Because of nicotine, increased heartbeats begin. This negatively affects the work of the myocardium, as arrhythmia increases. The blood vessels that caffeine constricts dilate with the bloodstream. Thus, the laxative tissue may rupture.

How the gastrointestinal tract suffers

The increased activation of secretion develops bicarbonate, which helps to reduce the harm of acids to the digestive tract. If nicotine is also present, the synthesis of bicarbonate will decrease significantly. Thus, ulcers, biliary dyskinesia, esophagitis, ileitis will begin to appear.

Action on the central nervous system

Non-variable pressure, excessive stress on the heart muscle, vascular blockages – all this impairs the functioning of the brain and central nervous system. The symptoms of such disorders are migraine, dizziness, irritation, prolonged depression. There may be nausea and fainting.

What a person should know about

A mixture of caffeine and alcohol is one of the most common tandems in production. In the store you can find chocolate with liqueur inside or cognac, or other alcohol- containing drinks. Visitors expensive coffee drink with pleasure Irish ” Irish “, which includes whiskey. Power engineers are especially harmful. Advanced manufacturers are launching products that combine caffeine and sodium benzoate with alcohol.

Because of these cocktails, the following happens:

• the psyche suffers through harsh behavior, excessive excitability , followed by apathy and depression;     

• activates the cardiovascular system, which works “for wear and tear”, and with guarana included in the composition, the load increases several times;     

• diabetes mellitus is gradually developing (since energy drinks contain a large amount of sugar);     

• chronic diseases, pathologies of the esophagus, liver are exacerbated, kidney performance decreases;     

• the risk of manifestation of oncological diseases increases (it is the fault of chemical components in the energy sector).     

After the checks, experts came to the conclusion that people who have a congenital heart or vascular pathology, even from one can of an alcoholic energy drink, can get to the hospital with a heart attack or stroke.

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