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There is no better way to WHO thank God

for the sight given to you,

than to lend a hand to

who is in the dark.

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We rarely remember the first time I learned about raw foodists SRI , when one of my friends told us about his new, especially lifestyle. Perhaps the dialogue with these Th Lovek inspired us to visit the teacher lectures Vatel raw food or reading a book famous raw foodists . And later, we do not even come to the idea of the head of the one to whom we must be grateful to the oche in the first red. And yet, try to remember who first told you about raw food, and express your gratitude to this person. Without it, you would never go to a lecture or read that book. Personally, I first learned about raw food standing in line at my bank, from a woman named Elizabeth, whose surnames I don’t even know. I would like to express special thanks to all the “first”, the modest and unobtrusive people who are around the world sowing good seeds, do not calc account the on recognition, reward or payment for their labor. They deserve the highest praise for sympathy and sympathy for other people. Again and again, they patiently continue to answer the same questions: “Where do you get protein from?” And “So do you eat raw meat?” And “Do you ever miss your pizza?” Thanks to the work of such people, every day but new and stems devoted supporters of a healthy lifestyle. I earn by writing books and giving syroedenie classes and I am well aware that the presence of my listeners and readers is largely the result of the efforts of such enthusiasts.

Now you have a chance to support other people It is your turn to be patient, forgiving Nosta and sympathy towards others. I want to clarify that I do not urge you to pester all passersby, setting forth their radical views on raw foods .Under the words “support from other people,” I do not mean by torture remake someone I’m talking about “sowing seeds in fertile soil”, ie. E. To assist those who have already started to look for yourself a natural healthy lifestyle. Houris listening to a lecture on the benefits of syroedcheskoy diet, participants seek to persuade her tyazhelobol people, especially cancer patients. They call me and ask: “You have to talk to her. She RA patients com! “They believe that seriously ill people are completely ready for a change. My personal observation of a witness exist, that all is just the opposite. If a person has not begun to change their lives for the better before ser ezno ill, it is unlikely he will do so while under with a steel medical supervision. I advise to help those who have already wanted to change their lifestyle. The best way to introduce someone to the idea sy roedcheskoy diet (sow corn) – to treat his Delhi katesnym raw dish. Remember the very first ­ razvivshee you raw dish. Remember how you thought that maybe you could eat like that too? How important was this incident in your life? Poho same tasty raw meal becomes a turning Punk is in the lives of many. In the end, it is possible that the path to the heart really lies through the stomach. “Supporting others” is a section on how to help yourself by helping others. He did not tell me how many lines to help you. In the lane O, telling your friends about your lifestyle, you increase its assessment in their own eyes and strengthen their resolve. Secondly, it is best to learn something by sharing your knowledge with others. And finally, the more raw foodists will be in the world, the more this world will change not only for them, but also for you personally. Imagine, for example, as a convenient, if anywhere, no matter where you are, you can dine in the restaurant is not for raw foodists . And if you can order raw food on board the aircraft? Or give the child a dollar for a school breakfast of raw foods? See rivers Lamno a banner reading: “Have you tried lo Godnev your favorite banana ice cream?” Instead of “Try our cheap hotdogs!” Imagine that never and never feel countries ­ not like everyone else, trying to explain what raw food is. A juicer instead of a coffee maker’s home office, small bags of sprouted shoots in stores … sounds unrealistic, isn’t it? And yet it is we who can achieve this.

Another important way to support start- sy Roed – cooking delicious tasty dishes for joint syroedcheskih dinners. At these dinners can treat raw dishes many of his participation nicknames, and it can really make someone ETS lat choice that will change his life. Even if now you eat quite simply, you should not bring a couple of cabbage leaves for such a dinner. I recommend you spend a little time and $ 10-15, but prepare for this dinner a delicious look caressing dish. Pom nude one of the first in my life syroedcheskih meals a purse, whose members brought the simple fat ­ you and dishes with whole fruits. The most difficult Blue House were sliced banana slices with toothpicks stuck in them. There were a few newbies at dinner, and I felt sorry for them when I saw disappointment on their faces. Since then, I try to bring to every dinner, which was attended, 2-3 fir variables dishes.

Think of the raw foods teacher who made the strongest impression on you. What was in it CCA bennogo? Was he is fond of dynamic audit tory orator? Did you feel the credibility of this teacher as your friend? Think with blah tudeabout this teacher who was able to touch your soul.

Perhaps now it is your turn to become a teacher. Many raw foodists say that would be a pre feeder. I believe that every person on earth mo Jette become a teacher, honestly and faithfully does what he likes. In this case I do not even need advertisements ma – the one who wants to follow him. When teaching others, try not to scare, but to approve the listeners, because fear is a destructive feeling. According to my observation deniyam, diet because of fear – the phenomenon BPE mennoe and lasts no more than a couple of days.

I used to think that we teach mainly at its mer, I now know that we teach only his at Merom. I want to encourage you to become a living example for others. What do you think how many people you can affect just keeping healthy piTania? Think of everyone you encounter in a day: all your neighbors, relatives, colleagues, and those who see how you buy and eat healthy foods. The cashier at your store may ask: “Do you have a horse?” To which you can reply: “No, but I have juice ­ zhimalka “. She is interested in: “Maybe I too should buy this?” It is possible that other buyers to see your shining green, purple and red truck, want to jump in food ny Front grab a head of lettuce. When your kids are at school the teacher says: “In our family every day, eat a salad” does not affect whether it is somehow on the pre feeder? If your neighbors are constantly invite you to a barbecue and you come with a plate of vegetable Tefe motors or “moist” cake, they are likely to include in the diet of more fresh food.

Your co-workers can have lunch products resto runs fast food. They will pay attention to your appetizing-looking snacks and, most importantly, your fresh and cheerful look after dinner, when they feel sleepy and tired. People are always on consciously draw an analogy between the healthy appearance and a healthy diet. Your example will encourage them to you boron that is better for your health.

The most difficult part for you can create a kind of stvenniki. They can easily tell you what they think. However, do not be disappointed ahead of time. Of course, for some time, they will hinder you Zano Zoey, but at the same time, will be proud of you and to ask for advice, especially if they see your persistence. I remember how my father began to perturb schatsya and criticize my food every time I mention something related to the raw food diet . Later I was amazed when I found out from my aunt that right after talking with me, my father called her and said that his food was half raw and that he was proud of his daughter. On the face of my other relationship ­ Vanik, as soon as I began to speak about preimuschest Islands and benefits of a raw food diet , there is an expression of disgust that I felt literally laughed at Noah. Later, from his wife, I learned that when he asked to cook for lunch raw salad. The first negative rea tionrelatives – this is their attempt to protect against something unknown. But, as you learned in “Step 4,” instead of trying to change others, try to be a positive example for them.

When you become a lively visual example of the benefits of a raw food lifestyle, you will have an impact on thousands of people. Take me, for example: what if I hadn’t switched to raw food? What would happen to all mi my future students? Many of my former students make a living lecturing on sy roedeniyu . You never know when exactly the seed you sowed will ripen, germinate and flourish, inspiring others. How many people can you directly or indirectly influence in your life? I think that gradually – on the entire planet. Do you think it’s worth a try?

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