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In the world of many people harvest is from hunger,

but still more than those who suffer from nedos Tatka love.

Mother Teresa /

We are spiritual beings. I know this because chuvst -hand spiritual connection with other people, looking them in the eye. We are able to feel not only this inexplicable and not measurable energy emanating from people, we feel the energetics of animals and plants. Have you seen, for example, the blade breaks Th cut a thick layer of earth or clay or sprouting from the cracks in the rock? It is hard to believe that such a fragile plant can overcome the resistance of a solid layer of soil. I can not explain this phenomenon to anything other than an invisible, but, nevertheless, powerful energy of the germ that is struggling for survival, despite the strong opposition.

All living things are interrelated and all we exchange infor mation with different types of energy and a variety of oscillations. Think of the Canadian duck-geese, who are able to cover great distances, to accurately find the right lake. I literally razhena their ability to find the right way without a compass and other instruments only through neveroyat Noah force of instinct. Another example from my observation tions for dogs. They always instinctively feel when I start to fear them. Moreover, they are capable of ­ To give me my feelings so that I feel that they know about my fear. Several times I had very interesting and impressive cases of communication with cats. I think they are small and harmless animals, but sometimes, even when I have not yet decided to pat kosh ku or kitten and did not make the slightest movement, they send me a powerful energy signal pre duprezhdayuschy that should keep them podal Chez – silently, not arching his back and not hissing. I give all these examples in order to show that each of us is constantly exposed to invisible, but very powerful energy.

Why do we have such a powerful energy? I am sure that this power is intended to accomplish some difficult task or achieve a great goal. I Ove Rehn, that everyone has a mission in life. I also believe that the implementation of this mission is to Xia main task of each, because the only way we can bring the most benefit to mankind. Those people who do it, go down in history as the lead Kie rulers or the most gifted Professional ly in their field.

How to define your mission in life? I think an analysis of our talents and abilities can help. Each of us is given some talent. Over 20 years, I have Mr. botala employee and director in various companies and has noticed that all my employees had a particular talent. Working with dozens of people I have not met a single one not endowed with talent or spo lities to something. Moreover, getting to know people closer, I find that they are endowed with talents, even pain Chez than I expected. Undoubtedly, each of us has his own talent and his own mission in this life. My husband, for example, loves to do massage. He always carries in his truck a few massage hundred ­ fishing At the same time, Igor does not care at all whether he will be paid for it. Massage is his passion. Every day he searches for clients. If we work together with Igor, he several times a day offering me to make weight blacks. If I agree, he massages me until I ask him to stop, and at the same time he is very upset. Igor can spend hours talking about how he likes to feel the energies of people touching them. Interest but that he can massage not everyone, but only those with whom you feel contact. Therefore, Igor did not zara batyvaet massage to life. The results of his massage are so incredible that wherever he gives a massage, legends immediately begin to walk about his skill. Ino ­ When Igor gives me a massage, I make a weak response to massage him, but this usually ends in failure. One day, while living with such a master, I honestly with all the priests of forces talas learn the art of massage, but I just was not strong enough, I’m tired and I was bored within a few minutes. No matter how highly I appreciate this procedure, I myself do not like and for no money will not do someone massage.

My passion is trusting conversations with people. To When I listen to someone, I literally forget about time, food and sleep. Igor praises me for patience in dealing with people, although I, frankly, believe that this is quite natural, and do not take credit for myself. He says that for all the money in the world could not “clock constant Janno listen to the same thing.” We have lived together for many years, we have a lot in common, and yet each of us has our own passion in life, which we follow. Fortunately, my husband and I have found a way to make a living, allowing us to use our talents. It took us many years to realize that taking up a favorite thing is much more important than high earnings. We had to learn how to live with a smaller family budget, but experienced during the occupation of a loved one scrap joy means much more to us than money.

Often I meet in the newspapers articles about people who do not like their work. They suffer, counting the hours and mi chickpeas before lunch, before the break or the end of the working day. They spend their lives on hold, waiting forfinality Nia something. Why can’t we do what we love? Why can’t we live a more fulfilling, satisfying life? I found two otve that these questions.

* People do not know what they like.      

* People do not believe that hobbies play an important role in their lives.      

At the same time, in both cases, people often do what they don’t like, hoping to do something really loved after retirement. Or they do what they like, but at the same time use their talent for destruction, and not for creative activity. For example measures, I have a friend, a very good seller. He boasts that he can sell ice to the Eskimos. He does not doubt, very talented, if able to convince Liu dei buy what they do not need. But I think that his real talent is the ability to convince and inspire people. I told him that he would have left the splendor ny teacher or a motivational leader, and that he could inspire people to great deeds and Creator of ­ activities. Hearing this, with tears in GLA Zach admitted that he secretly always wanted to be a teacher, but he was afraid of poverty. Another friend of mine is a gifted artist. She draws wonderful original Carty us, to touch the soul of the viewer. Nevertheless, during the last of the years she had not written a single picture, because he earns money as a designer in advertising. When I see people engaged in destructive activities, such as the production of harmful for approx vironment production, processing fields chemistTami, selling cotton candy at amusement parks, shooting low-grade low-budget films and multi ­ Gia other equally thoughtless and harmful actions, I realize that they simply do not realize the huge important STI carry out its mission. If even one simple blade of grass has the power, allowing it to cut through the layer of earth, one can only imagine the potentials scrap which has the power of human energy, samozab venno and passionately going to his goal. How many people who brought significant positive changes to this world can you name? For example: Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Byron Katie, Jeddah Krishnamurty , Leo Tolstoy, Mother Teresa, Eckhart Tole, Paul McCartney, etc. They are all inspired. ­ but they went to their goal, fulfilling the mission he had envisaged in this life. I believe that each of us may at any time begin to follow your life destiny, miraculously changing the surround conductive world.

Since we are – spiritual beings, spiritual mission is far more important to us than the earning of money for purposes not related to its implementation. If we do not follow our real life goals, we experience emotional pain, which we feel as feelings of anguish and desolation. Already in childhood many of us sometimes begin to feel bouts of anguish. They often happen when we are forced to do what we don’t like, or if there’s no opportunity to do what we love. There is a huge difference between giving pleasure pursuits such as watching television and visiting the amusement park, and what develops us spiritually, for example measures allow to realize our talent to create ­ cheskoy work on various projects. Often, after watching the movie, we feel the emptiness and boredom of an even larger, while after going on cal work we feel a surge of strength, inspiration and satisfaction. We are looking for ways to of bavitsya from a sense of emptiness and loss of meaning in life. Over the years of life without realizing his spiritual mission, the heartache is growing. Attacks of lostness, loneliness, tiredness of life or we lose its meaning altogether. Often it is this pain as a cause of problems in life, loneliness, difficult relationships with others and family, dale gi, disease and so on. D. Emotional pain can be much stronger than the physical, and sometimes it becomes Nepeya ­ portable. Most suicides are due to mental pain, not physical pain. In the US alone 28 million people are taking antidepressants to cope with the occurring throughout the day about Bloem. But each of us has the right to happiness from birth!

I advise you to carefully analyze the feelings and sensations experienced while performing different tasks, and go through life guided by their passionate about niyami and passion. For example, if you remember a situation when so carried away with something that completely forgetting there about the time, missed lunch, and at the same time you have an absolute but did not care what people think about you around? You should strive to do something like this as often as possible. The theme of spiritual awakening runs through all of the programs described in the “12 sha gah.” And the rejection of cooked food – no exceptions set. If you stop eating cooked food, but you will still suffer from longing and loneliness ­ va, you can’t get rid of heartache and, not being able to cope with emptiness, just replace one addiction with another, addicted to shopping, gambling, watching television, irregular work, etc. That’s why in this book I dedicated several “steps” to spiritual awakening.

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