Drug therapy .

  •                Treatment of the underlying disease, 
  •                Elimination of provoking factors
  •                Cardiac glycosides ( digoxin ), 
  •                Antiarrhythmic drugs – amiodarone ( cordarone ), beta-blockers ( propranolol , metaprolol , etc.), carvedilol , quinidine , verapamil , novocainamide , lidocaine , inderal , potassium preparations, 
  •                Sedatives 
  •                Electropulse therapy or implantation of a pacemaker .  

The selection of the drug depends on the type of arrhythmia, the patient’s condition and is selected individually.


Varicose veins – a disease which is expressed in a loss of elasticity of the veins, vledstvie what they are stretched, and in some places considerably expanded, forming a so-called “nodes.” Varicose veins are most often found on the veins of the lower extremities, the veins of the spermatic cord ( Varicele ) and the veins of the rectum ( see Hemorrhoids ). Blood flow in the dilated veins slows down, which often leads to the formation of blood clots in them ( see Thrombophlebitis ). The development of Varicose expansion can be facilitated by the difficulty in blood outflow due to vein thrombosis, constipation, compression of the veins of the small pelvis by a tumor or a pregnant uterus (women get sick 3 times more often than men). Wearing round rubber garters contributes to Varicose veins of the lower extremities in the presence of weakness of veins. Sometimes Varicose veins of the lower extremities develop in people engaged in heavy physical labor (blacksmiths, movers,) or associated with prolonged stay on their feet (cooks, postmen, etc.). Flatfoot can also contribute to the appearance of varicose veins. Flow. The disease develops gradually; subcutaneous veins are mainly affected, but deep ones can also become diseased. With a long-existing Varicose veins due to impaired normal circulation, the skin in the areas of dilated veins often sharply thins, changes its color; with abrasions and scratches in these areas “varicose ulcers” are formed, requiring long-term treatment. Ulcer healing often occurs only after surgical treatment. Sometimes the dilated and thinned sections of the veins can burst, and bleeding occurs, which can be stopped by a pressure bandage. With severe bleeding, emergency medical attention is needed . The dilated veins are usually clearly visible through the skin, especially when the patient is standing. Patients with this disease usually complain of a feeling of heaviness in the legs, pain in them, burning sensation, rapid fatigue and swelling.

Prevention Any long work on the legs should be interrupted several times during the day by movement, light gymnastics. 

Treatment of varicose veins.

In the initial stages and with mildly expressed Varicose veins — bandaging the legs with an elastic bandage, starting from the foot up to the middle of the thigh, or wearing special rubber stockings. Both bandaging and dressing should be done in the morning before the patient gets out of bed. Before bandaging the leg for 10-20 minutes. should be kept in a slightly elevated position (on the pillow). It is necessary to conduct tests to determine blood viscosity, a coagulogram, and other necessary studies as directed by a specialist.

Medicinal preparations:

  •                Anticoagulants (heparin, fraxeparin , dicumarin , phenyline ) and antiplatelet agents (aspirin, cardiomagnyl ) – reduce blood coagulation and prevent thrombosis ,   
  •                Detralex Phlebodia (at least 2 months). Detralex and Phlebodia are also indicated for the treatment of late stages of varicose veins. These drugs reduce venous congestion, reduce the extensibility of veins,     
  •                Asklesan Eskuzan Venoruton Troxevasinum (tablets or injections ). and etc. 
  •                Furthermore intake is also necessary to use both local treatment ointments – Heparin Gepatrombin -T, Troxevasin Lioton Asklezan and etc ,   
  •                sclerotherapy ,
  •                Laser therapy 
  •                Radio frequency obliteration (RFO),  
  •                With pronounced Varicose veins, Surgical treatment is indicated . 
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