Treatment is carried out in a hospital under monitor supervision. You need a state of rest, small movements, mandatory relief of pain.     

  •                You can warm the heart, warm tea, hold vodka or brandy, analgin, painkillers in your mouth . Combine morphine , Promedol , etc. iv with small doses of Atropine 0.3-0.5ml with antihistamines. Talamanal 1 ml = 1 ml Droperidol + 1 ml Fentanal
  •                The patient should not sleep, should speak. It is necessary to control the breath (inhale – hold – exhale). To give oxygen through a pillow, but through a mask, to give moistened oxygen through alcohol. Nitrous oxide 50% + Oxygen 50% . Nitrous oxide to give through anesthesia machine.
  •                If there is tachycardia, an intravenous drip polarizing mixture of GIC (Glucose + Insulin + Potassium) KCl 1500–4500 + 5% Glucose + 4 units should be given. 200 ml insulin. Then 6 units. Insulin per 200 ml . Instead of KCl, NaCl should not be given . Diabetics instead of glucose can give rr Ringer or increase the dose of insulin
  •                The patient is administered 5-10 thousand. Heparin, bolus , infusion , at the same IV as a mixture of HEC Lidocaine 1ml. jet , then drip , B-blockers, iv nitroglycerin
  •                If bradycardia develops , Atropine is administered to the patient every 2 hours .   
  •                With ventricular defibrillation – heart massage , defibrillators.     
  •                If the pressure drops, add Cordiamine to the dropper .  

Treatment of Cardiogenic Shock.

All methods are used, as in acute heart attack + the rest. Be sure to anesthetize. Cardiogenic shock is associated with a drop in AD, with a sharp decrease in myocardial contractility.  

  •                We give Mesaton , if it does not help, then Adrenaline, Noradrenaline cap, iv , if AD drops. Norepinephrine 0.2 sc, in each hand. Dopamine – Cap, controlled by AD.
  •                You can give cardiac glycosides iv. Strophanthin can give a cardiac arrest. Korglucon 0.06% to 2.0 ml – the best cardiac glycoside, does not cumulate in the body.        
  •                With cardiogenic shock, acidosis develops , you can give a drop of a solution of Soda, Cocarboxylase – drop can be up to 200 mg (4 ampoules), IM more than 50 mg is impossible.         
  •                With cardiogenic shock, the first injection of Heparin is up to 20 thousand units , the daily dose reaches 100 thousand units . In some cases, external and internal counterpulsation methods are used .
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