Victory over fasting, diet, and exercise

Weekly he spent a 36-hour fast, and later one seven-day and one ten-day fast. In a year you would hardly recognize this person. His family and his friends were amazed at this transformation. His joints became mobile, and although he did not swim for many years, he still joined the club of the Christian Youth Association and bathed two or three times a week.

He did not ride a bike for a long time, but now he began to wind up many miles. Together with his wife he started dancing, and a year later they won a dance competition. Stiffness of the joints stopped pestering him, he bought a piano and began to play decently. Mr. Evans was getting younger as the years went by. Ailments have left him.

All this he achieved himself, I only helped him to help himself. I have never touched it. I only, as a physiotherapist, compiled a program for a healthy lifestyle. Today he goes hungry every week for 24-36 hours.

Four times a year, in winter, spring, autumn, and summer, he spends a ten-day fast. His movements were fast and precise, like a 20-year-old boy.

All this he achieved, of course, not in one day, week or month. In order to completely remove the crystals of toxic acids, it took a lot of time.

What Mr. Evans did is accessible to everyone. The body itself is restored, treated and supports itself. All that is required of us is to live by the laws of nature, and nature will reward us with the joy of life. 

Fasting is the main part of a program to get rid of crystals, toxic acids that interfere with your joints. You and only you know how to free yourself from the premature aging of your joints.

Start without delay with a 24-hour fast. You yourself see how it affects your joints.

Twist your head right now in both directions, and you will hear something like a squeak. This indicates toxic crystals that are deposited in the upper part of your spine.

A 24-hour or seven-day fast will not remove everything that is superfluous, but cleansing of the body will begin. Starving once a week, you are starving 52 days a year — during this time, the body’s vitality will be sufficient to remove the acid crystals from your joints.

With each fasting, you will notice more freedom of movement in the joints. A feeling of youth and lightness will replace stiffness.

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