There are quite a few varieties of coffee drinks – American, Late, Cappuccino, etc. So which drink will be the most correct? How to cook coffee so that it does not provoke a set of extra pounds? It is very important to consider what we will drink coffee with. Many do not like its bitter aftertaste. Therefore, we strive to emphasize its taste. For this, sugar, milk, cream, honey and even liqueur are often used. These components, of course, improve the taste of coffee. But you can not even dream about spending extra calories at the same time. On the contrary, such additives can even provoke a small increase in weight.

If, for example, you add just a couple of teaspoons of sugar or a spoonful of high-fat cream, then the caloric content of the drink will increase by as much as 50 kcal. And if you decide to sweeten the bitter drink with honey, then 67 calories will be added.


In order to really recover from coffee, this drink should contain an increased number of calories. To do this, it adds cream, sugar, milk or honey. Accordingly, to gain weight, you can drink lats, moccasins, frappuchino. Regularly drink these delicious drinks if you want to increase your waist by a dozen centimeters. Very caloric is everyone’s favorite cappuccino. It is enough to drink a few cups a day in order to get the same number of calories as with a full-fledged udine. And you will get a shock dose of calories if you drink coffee with cream and chocolate. Them in this drink will be as much as 560!

The conclusion is the following – from the coffee itself you will not replenish. Extra calories add all kinds of additives to it, including sugar. Therefore, those who want to say goodbye with extra pounds should drink only black insoluble coffee without sugar. It is this version of this magic drink that will contribute to the rapid burning of fat in the body. Also, it is not worthwhile to absorb all kinds of sandwiches, cakes, pastries with coffee. It’s all very tasty and tempting, but you can forget about a slender waist. As you can see, for the sake of your figure and beauty it is worth to give up some joys of life. But this is not too much sacrifice. After 2-3 cups a day of black coffee without additives will saturate your body with energy, accelerate the metabolism, help improve performance, eliminate fat deposits and lift the mood.

How many calories are there in a cup of black coffee that you just cook? It’s amazing, but in a cup of coffee without sugar contains only 2 calories! This is provided that it takes about 9 grams of grains to cook it. So how to drink coffee properly, so that not only do not add weight, but also burn off the stored fat? To drink coffee correctly and to bring the body good, follow such simple recommendations of nutritionists:

Coffee is best not to drink right away, but about half an hour after you finish the meal.
To avoid excess calories in the drink, do not add milk, honey, cream or even sugar to it. Give preference to just black coffee. It’s better if it’s hot enough. Such a fragrant hot drink will help to cope with the feeling of hunger, giving strength while doing so.
To get the best effect for the body, give preference to non-soluble coffee, and ground to grain.
There is an opinion that coffee, drunk on an empty stomach, will help to lose weight. Maybe this is so, but you will do harm to your health. It is important to weigh the benefits and harm from such a reception of coffee. On an empty stomach this drink should not be drunk. Yes, it will speed up the metabolism, but it can negatively affect the gastrointestinal tract, blood vessels, heart, central nervous system and brain. On an empty stomach this drink strongly irritates the gastric mucosa. If you often use it before breakfast, then take a lot of risk. You may have gastritis and other gastrointestinal pathologies. Be sure to watch how your GIT responds to coffee. If you feel discomfort, burning, pain, refuse for a while from the drink and consult a gastroenterologist.
The effect of caffeine is better supplemented by physical exercise. Then you really can quickly burn calories. An hour before going to the gym, drink a cup of coffee. It will charge you with energy, expand the vessels, increase the productivity of the brain. Thanks to this you will be able to carry out more training in the training and withstand a high load. Remember that the received energy is better spent. Very quickly you will notice the long-awaited decrease in weight.
Watch for the balance of fluid in your body. Remember that coffee can have a fairly steady diuretic effect. This helps to remove excess fluid from the body. But it is important that the fluid reserves remain within reasonable limits. Do not test yourself for endurance and provoke dehydration. Do not forget to drink a glass of clean water without gas. By the way, the dehydrated organism stops burning fat, and you will not get the expected effect.

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