Why do women get fat with menopause?

Many have heard that menopause is the reason that a woman begins to get fat. This is indeed so. The question arises: how to lose weight with menopause in 50 years and make the body slim? During the menopause, the metabolic processes begin to slow down, they must be maintained artificially. The reason for this process is the decrease in the blood content of the genital organs, which leads to the accumulation and redistribution of adipose tissue in such areas as the buttocks, hips and waist. After the onset of menopause, almost 60% of women have an increase in body weight of 2 kg or more per year. In this case, ladies begin to grow stout not by accident. Adipose tissue begins to perform some of the functions of fading ovaries. It starts the development of androgens, which then turn into estrogens. It turns out that fat for a woman is a kind of hormonal “depot”, and very important. The more pronounced violations associated with hormones, the more unnecessary it will be deposited by the female body.

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