Can I lose weight in 50 years woman

How quickly lose weight in 50 years, a woman – the question is more likely to dieticians. The speed and activity of metabolism begins to fall with the years, and therefore even before usual meals can lead to fatness. In adulthood, you should not try to remove as many extra pounds as possible. A woman sitting on a strict diet is likely to deprive herself of attractiveness.

The problem of excessive leanness is that a woman can become older by appearing for several years. The fact is that the fat layer a little helps to straighten and tighten the skin, thereby reducing the number of wrinkles. It also helps to synthesize a certain amount of a female hormone called estrogen, which is very important in the period of menopause. It is also known that a small excess of fat is able to maintain human immunity. However, from excessive weight must necessarily get rid of, otherwise it will negatively affect the health of the lady.

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