7 tips for eating right in the office

Fast food, sandwiches, biscuits, sweet bars, salted rusks and other hazards, supplemented with strong coffee – all these products kill our stomachs daily. In today’s article we will give useful recommendations, the implementation of which will help you to maintain your health.

The modern way of life is quite saturated, so our busyness and busyness dictate our rules: often we do not have enough time even for a quick snack, not to mention a proper and healthy diet during working hours. And even if we manage to find a few minutes for a snack on the go, then most often it happens: fast food, sandwiches, cookies, sweet bars, salted crackers and other hazards supplemented with strong coffee. All these products kill our stomachs daily.

In today’s article we will give useful recommendations, the implementation of which will help you to maintain your health.

1. Breakfast should be dense and high-calorie. Breakfast is a mandatory meal for the day. The question arises: “Why should I have a hearty breakfast?” The fact is, if you do not, then in an hour and a half you will feel hungry, which will interfere with effective work. A systematic snack in the form of cookies and bars is guaranteed to add extra kilo.

2. Try not to eat lunch in the workplace. During meals, you need to change the situation, it is advisable to leave the office for at least 20-25 minutes. To hurry during the meal is not necessary, thoroughly chew the food and try to enjoy the taste of the dishes. Always complement the dinner with a couple of pieces of whole grain bread – a well of fiber and useful trace elements.

3. Refuse to go to the cafe. Business lunches are now offered by almost all catering establishments. It is very tempting to eat for a little money, without bothering with cooking. However, the quality and benefits of such nutrition are in great doubt. In the past few years it has become popular to carry lunch boxes with food. And no one will laugh at you the moment you get your lunch box to dine. Even there are companies that are engaged in the delivery of such lunch boxes with food (the menu is negotiated in advance). However, food prepared on its own is much better and certainly less expensive. So buy a couple of lunch boxes and give vent to fantasy when you fill them.

4. Go to the office to try to cook on a full stomach. In this case, you will not have a desire to put in a lunch box something very high-calorie, superfluous or harmful to health. Useful options for lunch: all kinds of salads, cooked at home, dressed with vegetable oil; chicken fillet; Cottage cheese with dried fruits and nuts; Yoghurt, kefir, fermented baked milk; carrot; All sorts of fruits.

5. Give preference to beneficial for the body snacks. The feeling of hunger and the desire to eat something during the working day is normal. Simply nutritionists are advised to prepare for this in advance: take with them only useful and proper products for a snack. It can be apples, bananas, nuts, dried fruits, fruit chips or dark chocolate.

6. Always remember the water. Scientists in their works repeatedly mentioned the enormous benefits of water for the human body. The recommended daily rate of water consumption for men is 1.5-2 liters. It is recommended to drink a few sips of water every hour. This will help improve the metabolism of the whole body and protect the figure from extra pounds.

7. Do not completely abandon the sweet. Carbohydrates are a source of energy, so you can not completely exclude sugar from your diet. But often the phrase “healthy food” is associated with something not very tasty. To prevent this from happening, do not completely abandon your work from traditional tea-drinking with sweets. But instead of high-calorie cakes and cakes take it for tea natural black chocolate, marshmallow, whole-grain cookies, fruit in chocolate or halva.

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