Foods containing harmful trans fats

Trans fats occur during the hydrogenation of natural vegetable fat (oil). Thus, the manufacturer prolongs the shelf life and life of the product, but you can not say such things about our life with you.

Many foods include trans fats, which are not as harmless as it might seem at first glance. Particularly dangerous for humans are substances created in industrial conditions.

Trans fats occur during the hydrogenation of natural vegetable fat (oil). Thus, the manufacturer extends the shelf life and life of the product, but you can not say such things about our life with you.

What are trans fats?

Trans fat means modified molecules that appear in vegetable fats (oils) as a result of exposure to high temperatures during hydrogenation. The composition of these fats includes altered unsaturated acids, which, when ingested, impair metabolism. As a result, toxins and toxins form in the body, and many diseases are provoked.

The main difference between conventional fats and trans fats is that the first can cause excess weight, and the second increase the likelihood of a number of diseases.

Harmful components are found mainly in industrial products. For example, sunflower oil becomes a source of trans fats when heated. The same happens with products containing margarine. And as you know margarine is a product that is made on the basis of hydrogenated vegetable oil. On this basis, nutritionists recommend less to include in the diet of fried foods.

What trans fats are dangerous for people?

According to scientists with regular use of products with trans fats, the risk of such diseases increases:

  • Deterioration of the productivity of the nervous system and the brain.
  • The emergence of VSD, as well as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
  • Suppression of the immune system.
  • Risk of malignant formation (cancer).
  • Development of diabetes mellitus.
  • Fast weight gain.

Taking into account the negative consequences, WHO has established norms for the use of unsafe products. In the daily diet of each person, trans fats should not exceed 1%.

For those who adhere to a healthy diet, we offer a list of foods containing trans fats that should be excluded from their diet.


Among the oils, he is the leader in the number of trans fats. For a long time discussions were held that less harmful – oil or margarine. As a result of the research it was found that margarine is harmful. It provokes atherosclerosis, heart and vascular disease.


Also the main source of harmful fats. In butter, trans fats are 4%. In a smaller amount, they appear in products marked “light” due to the use of hydrogenated fat. However, this option is also unsafe for the body. Butter oils with trans fats increase the level of cholesterol, promote weight gain, negatively affect the blood vessels.

Refined vegetable oil

Under the influence of high temperatures, fat molecules begin to change, retaining their chemical formula and the number of elements, but several atoms join in differently. This leads to the fact that the fat molecule has a trans-isomer, which is called trans fat.

It must be said that trans fats are formed during frying, cooking and other heat treatment of food. On some oils (olive, coconut) it is permissible to fry, and some oils (sunflower, corn, palm) can not be heat treated.

In vegetable oils, trans fats occupy 1%. When frying, their amount increases, if the temperature reaches 190. Therefore, fried foods can cause increased blood pressure, diabetes and the formation of malignant tumors.


One cake can contain at least 1% of trans fats. However, most people are not limited to one cake. As a result, a significant excess of the allowable norm is obtained.


Even expensive and high-quality mayonnaise contains trans fats. Natural can be considered mayonnaise, cooked at home. A store sauces and mayonnaises slow down metabolism, poorly affect the heart and promote weight gain.


Many manufacturers use butter-cocoa, lauric and stearic acids instead of the necessary, natural ingredients, which are considered to be trans fats. Getting into the body, they negatively affect the gastrointestinal tract, the liver, disrupt the metabolism and worsen the well-being. When buying chocolate, pay attention to the composition and remember that it can not be cheap.

Popcorn for microwave oven

Sometimes manufacturers write on packaging that trans fats are missing. But if one of the components of the composition is called “hydrogenated oils”, it means that harmful fats are still contained in popcorn.


Despite the simple and harmless composition, there are harmful fats in crackers, which are “heavy” for the body.


One packet of chips contains at least 3% of harmful fats, while the allowable rate is 1%. Instead of chips it is better to eat natural products.

Mixtures for fast breakfasts

Packaging mixtures, as a rule, colorful, and you can use them even for children. Nevertheless, many fast breakfasts contain trans fats, like protein bars, which are advertised as healthy foods. It is advisable to replace ointments for fast breakfasts with oatmeal or muesli.

Frozen products

Frozen pancakes, pies and similar semi-finished products contain harmful substances in large quantities. It is better to replace them with analogues of home cooking, in spite of the fact that semi-finished products are prepared more quickly.

French fries

French fries are one of the leaders in the number of harmful fats. In one serving, the norm is exceeded approximately 7 times. To her, you need to add other products with trans fats, which are used throughout the day.

Vegetable dry fat

It prolongs the shelf life of products, but negatively affects the arteries. It is advisable to refuse products with its content.

How to minimize the damage from the trails?

Of course, in a few days this is unrealistic. However, it is possible to optimize the process of cleansing the body of trans fats if you exclude the products that contain them, or adhere to the WHO standard. Also, nutritionists recommend eating as much as possible home-grown vegetables and fruits. Then, instead of cells infected with trans fats, new ones are formed.

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