Action of food on the brain

At first glance it may seem that there is no connection between nutrition and thinking, but I dare to assure you that just as food produces an effect on any other organs and body functions, it also affects our thinking. For the same reasons, our thinking is in direct proportion to what we eat.

Of course, not from the fact that we accidentally eat, but from the fact that we eat constantly. The brain has an impact on the process of thinking, although some allow themselves to doubt it and believe that thoughts originate outside of us.

But wherever they originated, this process necessarily affects all parts of the body. The brain holds the highest strategic position in the body in relation to impulses (impulses); it is the material center of emotions, impulses and conscious thinking.

The brain is the greatest reflex center from which all nerves go, controlling movements and sensations.
The brain depends on the oxygen that feeds its blood, and therefore, naturally, it is influenced by what we eat. After all, the quality of our blood depends on what we eat.

A brain fed by blood that is saturated with various toxins is unlikely to be able to do its job well.

Poisons can undermine the brain so that clear thinking will become impossible. Even deep comatose states are possible.

To have a clear, clean, lively, sharp mind, you need to keep the blood in the best possible condition. And for this you need a diet that would deliver natural nutrients to each brain cell. Help with this and regular fasting courses.

Modern food production processes contribute to an increase in the number of sick children.

To find out the effects of toxins and poor nutrition on today’s children, I talked with many educators who dealt with children who are not capable of learning.

Their brains were too weak due to the toxins of the so-called standard American diet.

Mothers who buy and prepare food for children are poisoned by television, radio, magazine and newspaper propaganda. These sources advise you to give children canned soups, including refined starch, sugar and fats.

These products are full of unnecessary calories, rapidly developing children’s appetite, but do not contain minerals, vitamins and products that have not been processed.

Mothers are advised to cook sausages (“hot dogs”), various types of meat in combination with bread made from lifeless flour. These products have chemical additives.

Today’s children drink Coca-Cola and eat popcorn containing empty and useless calories, which produce a short burst of energy, but do not supply the body with essential vitamins and minerals.

Modern children eat ice cream, which is filled with various additives, high-calorie buns, cakes and pastries, and other confectionery products.
These products make the child plump, although in fact his body is experiencing constant fasting, increasing with increasing his appetite.How can you grow a healthy child with a clear mind on such food?

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