Most American youth are unhealthy

Doesn’t it surprise you that 58 percent of all young people preparing for military service are physically unsuitable for them!

General D. Watson, who heads the commission on selection for the US Army, declared in 1962: “Even if these selection standards do not become stricter and remain at the same level, this will be a poor indicator of the health status of American youth.

The percentage of youth fit for military service falls because of the inability to meet even the minimum requirements for a draftee. ”

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition for April 1961 stated that: “Nutrition is the most important factor in acquiring health. This is true at any age from 1 to 101 years.

But this factor is often underestimated in the preparation of new health programs. Nutrition is a special factor in the prevention and treatment of many chronic diseases. ”
“Medical Science” wrote in May 1957: “According to one insurance company, every 14th boy and every 17th girl under the age of 20 years are hospitalized at least once a year”

In an editorial, the London Times wrote: “It would be better if the food industry did not interfere with eliminating the consequences of its shameless disregard for research in the field of nutrition.”

World Medical Journal, in its November 1961 issue, put an article by medical professor Dr. G. Birch: “Even among the youngest age groups, diseases such as leukemia are increasing now. Acute arthritis is becoming more common. ”

The data on the physical condition of boys is worse, the condition of girls – future mothers – is even more alarming. Most nutritionists, doctors, and educators have concluded that two factors are mainly responsible for this: ignorance regarding nutrition and insufficient parental care.

One of the consequences of this is weak resistance to infectious diseases. Postpartum complications are another result of malnutrition.

A woman whose diet does not allow the proper development of her own body cannot hope for the birth of a healthy child.

Americans consume more chemicals with food than any other nation. Currently, American forecasts are the gloomiest in the world.
The United States comes first in terms of disease and food chemicals. In addition, the US is ahead of everyone in the production of standard unnatural food, which should be banned in the name of the health of the nation.

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