The sad physical and mental state of our adult population

Let’s look now at the adult population. If you have seen that the younger generation is half weak and sick, then the condition of our adult population is even worse.

I have already said that 58 percent of our youth from 18 to 20 years old are not capable of military service. If we now consider our adult population between the ages of 25 and 75, we will see that it is a pitiful sight.

If a group of 15 adults is put together and examined, or just talk to them about health and illness, then you can be sure that 99 percent of them suffer from a chronic disease of one or more vital organs. It turns out that every person something hurts.

They will tell you stories about the operations that they took, the tablets they took, or the sufferings they suffered.

The majority of the adult population lives according to a standard program, leading to intellectual and physical inhibition.

This is confirmed by the excessive number of nursing homes. These houses are filled with old, sick, abandoned people.
I would like to ask you, does nature really provide for us such a sad end to life?

Since the brain is supported by a purely physical process, it is not difficult to see the connection between food and thinking. Physical processes entirely depend on the nature of the food consumed, and it would be illogical to deny the relationship of thinking with nutrition.

During fasting, the body approaches a pure state, and the activity of the individual becomes extremely active.

Some of the greatest spiritual leaders of mankind were enlightened during the fast.

The high degree of efficiency of mental work continues for a long time after fasting.

Due to the fact that fasting cleanses the body of toxic waste, the brain also feeds on more purified blood, and human mental abilities rise to greater heights.

We achieved miracles in engineering and science, but how much more could we have done if we had learned the simple truths about natural nutrition.

The philosophers of ancient Greece assigned the first place to the correct diet of their students, their hard food ration shows the importance they attached to abstinence in food. Epicurus, Socrates, Plato and many others, understanding the great importance of the relationship of food with consciousness, made it the basis for their teachings.

The philosophy of these giants, despite the passage of many centuries, has not lost its meaning until our days.

In a dirty body – dirty thoughts and, on the contrary, a clean, painless body gives rise to pure thoughts. As soon as the body is cleared of toxins, thinking immediately moves to a higher level, which gives great pleasure.

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