Eyelashes from the cover of a glossy magazine ordered?

Until I was 17, I somehow did without cosmetics, did not look at others, I just sometimes sometimes give a light arrow, or use a bit of shadow. And it didn’t work too well, but I’ll just start – I want to do everything quickly and in the end some kind of nonsense is obtained !! In general, not really engaged in this business .. maximum powder and mascara.

At the same age, a friend of 37 years old noticed thick black long eyelashes! Terribly burst into flames with the same look, picked up good shadows, lengthening mascara, learned to single out the eyes so that it didn’t look like or inappropriate. But even with mascara cilia were not very noticeable …

At the same time fascinated cosmetics Faberlic. One of the first product I ordered was EXPERT Eyelash Growth Activator. I thought, what if it really helps to increase the length at least a little! And you know, it helped! After 2 months of use in the morning and in the evening I noticed a good result at that time, but almost immediately this bottle ended, and I did not hurry to order a new one for 299 rubles (3 years ago for an eleventh-grader). And besides, the effect of it disappeared after 2 weeks – the length became the same, the expressiveness and blackness also disappeared somewhere …

Frustrated, she turned to her friend: “Lyudmila, what vitamins do you need to drink so that the eyelashes are like yours?” And she told me about our hero Careprost.

For 2014, the price for it was about 800 rubles. If I remember correctly, it was a bit sorry for the money, but after seeing such an effect, all doubts flew away in an instant !!

I waited a long time for him … The fact is that a friend ordered her friend. And Lyudmila then forgot to ask her, that time was inappropriate, the order was sent and the next one was planned only in a few months !! That’s how time has reached 2016 …

I ordered 2 pieces – one for me, and the second one caught fire, do not believe it – grandma! He says “I have no eyelashes at all, and the edge has turned white.” Well, what would the child not play? Smile)

Two boxes came to me, but they are so tiny !!! Question – for what kind of money! ?? 1700 r. for 2 pieces !! Laaadno, let’s hope that works …

The boxes are really small, the bottle of the product is exactly the same as that of ordinary drops for eyes or cheap against a cold. Volume – 3 ml.

The applicator was literally stuck inside, just don `t know how otherwise it can be called! In my opinion is not a thoughtful moment on the part of the issuing company.

The applicator is small – 7 cm with a brush. A brush in a special coat – at least some hygiene.

The pile is soft, frequent, I have not faded, but I have never used it …

Although the box was not paved, but I did not worry about the safety and integrity of the bottle – the seal was not broken by a stranger.

In order to “get” the tool a lot of tricks will not be needed – just tilt and press lightly on the walls to squeeze a few drops on the applicator through a small hole made by the company in advance.


I don’t know, this is the policy of the brand, or it just came across to me, but not a single word in Russian is indicated on the box.

But the instruction was rich !!

Initially, Kareprost was exclusively a drug aimed at the treatment of hypotrichosis of the eyelashes – a decrease in length, thickness and tarnishing. In other words, prevents baldness: Smile)

But why not use it in cosmetic reasons? thought some clever man, for which I say hello!

The composition of course scares too many chemical elements, which in fact should harm the eyesight!

Active ingredient: bimatoprost ophthalmic solution, 0.3 mg / ml.

Excipients: sodium phosphate disubstituted, benzalkonium chloride, sodium chloride, citric acid and distilled water.

Sodium hydroxide and / or hydrochloric acid may be added to adjust pH. The pH level is 6.8 – 7.8.


The exact mechanism of action is not known.
The action of the drug is realized through increasing blood supply to the hair follicles of the eyelashes, which leads to an increase in the regeneration of eyelashes, making them thicker and darker.


Direct contraindication – allergic reactions to the drug. Hypersensitivity to bimatoprost or other components contained in Kareprost.

Reliable data on the safety of this tool for pregnant and lactating women is not. Since there are no clinical results of the use of Kareprost by children and adolescents, as well as cancer patients undergoing treatment with chemotherapeutic drugs, the remedy is also not recommended for them.

The use of Kareprost with particular intraocular pressure is especially contraindicated !!!


  1. remove all makeup and completely clean your face before use
  2. remove the lenses (if used)
  3. Apply one drop of solution and bottle to applicator
  4. run the applicator along the eyelid skin along the lash line from the inner to the outer side of the eye
  5. remove excess cotton pad
  6. Do not use Kareprost on the lower eyelid, as this may lead to the growth of unwanted hair outside the treatment area.


Careprost is stored at a temperature of 2 ° to 25 ° C


Extremely rare (less than in 4% of patients): itchy eyes, conjunctival hyperemia, hyperpigmentation of the skin, eye irritation, dry eye symptoms, and redness of the eyelids.
If adverse reactions occur, discontinue use of the drug and consult a doctor.



I received my Kareprost on April 16, 2016. I had a little idea to archive my lashes “to”, but all that laziness is no time. And I started writing reviews only a couple of months ago, and before that there was no need to photograph everything that moves and shake for photos for days. Therefore, a specific photo of eyelashes found only one, but I will attach it at the end.

But there are many photo shoots from which you can also pull something out …

Pay attention to the length (= eyelash growth line, so that the eyebrows are still oh how far) and thickness (I cover it with a pencil arrow).

Absolutely on every photo I am in full make-up – shadows, powder, a lot of mascara (of course in moderation so that it does not stick together forever: Smile)

I never complained about the complete absence of eyelashes – they are, of medium length. By themselves, dark, but the tips often seem to be burned out, and the mascara naturally makes them more visible and a little longer. With a couple of photos, the photo shop worked a little, but only on one (with the eyelids lowered) this is noticeable. In recent years, my makeup has remained the same – brown main shadows plus a feathered arrow with black shadows to visually increase the eyelashes at the edges. So the difference has changed only in the method of application.

All this time, while I was waiting for a Careprost assistant, which I was not really hoping for, I twisted as much as I could to make my eyes more expressive – I tried to pick up the carcasses, combined them, and experimented with the shadows. But this could not give me what I really wanted – expressive eyes WITHOUT a killer make-up !!

Which brings us back to the real growth of eyelashes without temporary cosmetic accessories ….


Beginning experience on April 16th. Has put means 1 time a day and always for the night.

As stated in the instructions, do not apply it on the lower lashes, as there is a risk of unwanted hair. To be honest, I applied, although I know that it is not necessary to do this.

But there is another opinion: if you apply the composition before bedtime, then it will evenly distribute itself and will affect the lower untouched eyelid no worse than the main upper eyelashes.

In addition, it is the economy of Kareprost.

As I said above, I have never used the applicator that comes in the kit. First of all, he seems uncomfortable to me. Secondly, the tool is very liquid, and accordingly, part of the liquid is absorbed into the brush itself, and this is an extra transfer of the product.

A friend somehow got used to applying the train with a toothpick.

And I use a thin brush from the Faberlic Eyelash Growth Activator.

It is as thin as possible, even and long enough to lower it into the hole of the Careprost bottle, tilt it a little and get enough product for one application.

What did I get?

The first results became noticeable after 1.5 months.

Since I did not take pictures, it is difficult for me to determine the difference “before” and “after” myself. Especially when you stare in the mirror for days to understand whether the eyelashes grow, or not?

So, noticed MOM! After a 2-week separation in the morning, when he saw me without makeup, he said: “Have you had time to make up then?”. Hearing my answer that I didn’t even have time to wash, she was very surprised, and I am happy and happy with the apparently visible effect !!!: Smile)

The tool did not cease use until it was over …

The schedule of my use turned out like this:

1.5 months – every day at night. There was a visible effect.
1 month – every other day, that is, 3-4 times a week. Eyelashes reached their maximum and for November 2016 the result remained the same!
1.5 months – once every 2-3 days, or 2-3 times a week, still for the night. Fixed effect. Or maybe she was just afraid that he would pass, as it happened with Faberlik
Judging by the reviews, the fact that my bottle ended after 4 months of active use is an average rate. Someone finished it in 2 months, and someone kept it for a year and spent several courses.

Maybe it was really possible to extend it for a little longer, but I did not spare the funds and put in plenty, if not surplus:

And now the sweetest part – photos, photos, photos !!

Photos began to appear in my arsenal only when I began preparing to write reviews. It means approximately from the end of August 2016. And I have finished Careprost a month earlier. But even after that, the result did not disappear and did not fade away by a percentage. So the differences in the use of the means and “after” are not perceptible at all.

Eyelashes without a gram of makeup. Long, thick, black. Well ka team swung open!

Beautiful curved to the heavens !! Oh, well, it will be if you also make up with mascara !!

You know, I would probably meet a girl with similar clerks too, and I was absolutely sure that this was the work of the salon wizards, but not the simple FAberlic budget mascara !!

With full makeup – shadows, arrows and mascara – these eyes will be remembered for a long time !!!

For comparison, “with makeup and without” was not the most successful photo (№1) – eyelashes seem less than it actually is. But the second photo shows eyelashes in all its glory !!!


I used Careprost for 4 months. Then my bottle is over. 4 days have passed without two days since. What do I have?

And without a gram of makeup, the eyelashes are long and curled.

And if you also choose the right angle – in general, space!

At the beginning of applying make-up, the eyelashes slightly go into the background – the original foundation in the form of powder slightly sprinkles the eyelashes themselves. Then an arrow in pencil, shadows, and finally brown shadows. As a result, the cilia are visible, but the powder and a little showered shadows still covered them.

Therefore, comb them with a brush – they will become smooth and throw off all unnecessary. And now you can apply mascara.

Eyes literally shine, do not you !? How many years I have suffered, made curves arrows with a pencil, eyeliner, let down the lower eyelid so that my eyes were brighter, I spent so much energy on makeup !! And you only needed a couple of months to use Careprost !!!


In my experience I did not notice anything terrible. Only on the first day, due to inexperience, I touched the mucous membrane of the eye, and after that, my eye ached a little until I washed it thoroughly with water. After that, everything was fine. There was no deterioration of vision, no redness of the eyelids, no acne or other filth, and even the blood vessels inside the eyes did not turn red!

Everything from the very beginning was in perfect order. Therefore, all the troubles in other girls were associated with the individual intolerance of some components or a general allergy to remedies. We remember that Careprost is first and foremost a drug?))


Kareprost is purchased on the Internet (I personally do not know the exceptions). Accordingly, this is a serious risk! If you have not been noticed, even if not a great result, you shouldn’t be puzzled for days “what did I do wrong”. There is a possibility that you just got a fake …

Of course, the method and frequency of use of the drug is no less important, but it is not the most determining factor …

How not to buy fake?

I ordered through a friend of a girlfriend who brings up three children. Kareprost she enjoys more than 5 years. Pregnancy, childbirth, nerves, lack of sleep at such times often affect hair, skin, eyelashes are no exception. She orders it in proven online stores, so there is practically no risk of getting a fake as a result. If only the supplier itself does not mess up something …

The Internet is full of sites where you can order Careprost and other products for the growth of eyelashes. But it is important to choose a real one, where you will not be deceived both with payment and delivery, as well as with a really high-quality preparation.

One of the most important indicators of product reliability is price! Hundreds of sites, Internet groups, where sellers set the price for one vial of Careprost somewhere between 500-550 rubles, referring to various promotions, discounts from suppliers, and pre-holiday sales. IMMEDIATELY PASS BY! This Careprost is not cheaper than 900-1000 rubles, which is almost twice as much!

But it is possible to order the tool a little cheaper in the case of bulk purchases, for example:

1 PC. for 960 rubles – 2 pcs. for 1800 r. (discount 120 p.) – 3 pcs. for 2600 r. (discount 280 p.), and so on …
Already closer to the summer (most likely then the result will quietly fade away) I plan to send an order to one of the reliable websites I found, with guarantees, reviews of real people with the ability to communicate with them, official groups, reliable payment method. In my opinion, all sites that are unreliable are always eliminated in this way (for all online stores of cosmetics, clothes, etc.):

Scoring in the search for what you need to find and open a few sites.

Carefully scroll through each page, study prices, warranty.

But I focus on the presence of links to official VK groups, classmates, and accounts in other social networks. If there are such, I turn to a group such as VC, I study it carefully again for reviews, the number of participants, I read real consultations and recommendations in discussions.

If everything suits, I check everything again, look for a link in the group to the site for ordering to make sure that the sites are identical.

If everything is in order, you can not worry about the quality of the product.


As promised, I show that I have had my whole life and what I have achieved and support over the past 5 months.

I think the words are unnecessary here !!: Smile)) I’ll say once again, I have little faith in such products. Nowadays, they are all programmed in such a way that either they need to be used constantly so as not to lose the desired effect, or, for example, you need to have shampoos with a dozen different brands so that hair does not get used .. Well, you understand …

I will not argue that he will help everyone. As I said, my granny also wanted to have eyelashes and eyebrows. I explained to her what and how, when to use, to be careful, not to touch the eyes, how many times and for how long to apply the serum. I wasn’t with her at that time, so I couldn’t control everything she does. But after 4 months it became clear that this thing does not work on a 61-year-old woman .. the result is zero, only 2/3 of the bottle wasted …

On the other hand, she honestly confessed to me that from the very beginning she applied Careprost only 2-3 times a week. Well, how is that, granny? You want some lush eyelashes yourself, see if she wants to look younger on stage. And you can’t give elementary 1.5 minutes before bedtime !? Oh, well, and the capricious generation is seeing us off !!!

I won’t be able to answer the question “does Careprost work on the eyebrows”, because I haven’t experienced it. As you can see, my eyebrows are very fat, and I only sometimes bring them down. My grandmother did not work the same way as eyelashes …

Bottle for 4 months … All the time I think about it. But looking in the mirror and noting the result, I immediately release this thought, in the end, 850 rubles for 4 months of active use + a break with a constant result for another 4 months is an excellent result !!! Even money is not sorry))

(when the result will come to naught, I promise to add a review. But I think it will not be soon …)

Good luck, dear!))

I supplement the review with a random photo. Sorry for the unwashed view, the purpose of the photo was larger, and this frame just slipped. So I propose to evaluate the available cilia on December 11, 2016, 5 months after the end of the use of Careprost. (resnitsy-s-oblozhki-glyantsevogo-zhurnala-zakazyvali-careprost-zakonchilsya-rezultat-ostalsy)

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