Fasting is recognized as one of the oldest methods in therapy. It is 74 times mentioned in the Bible.

This method is universal and widely used by wild animals. In the ancient treatment writings, it is said that fasting heads the list of natural healing methods.

But we must clearly and definitely realize that fasting is not a way to cure any disease or illness.

The goal of starvation is to bring the entire body to a full recovery, self-restructuring, self-renewal of all functions.

Updating is an internal biological function. Fasting gives the body a physiological rest and contributes to switching to healing processes. Fasting under reasonable supervision or provided with deep knowledge is the safest way to achieve health.

Fasting puts the body in such conditions when all its vital force is used for purification and recovery. Fasting helps the body to help itself.

We, who have dedicated their lives to the study of the science of starvation and have spent thousands of starvation, know that an organism is a miracle during a period of complete starvation. It gives super working capacity to internal organs.

The prophets of ancient times for spiritual healing resorted to starvation. They knew that fasting sharpens and boosts mental abilities.

Fasting improves the digestive organs, the liver, the most misused organ. The liver changes markedly during fasting, after which it functions more efficiently.

All the senses are also restored and raised to a higher level of functioning.
No other method of recovery brings so many positive changes to our body.
After fasting, blood circulation improves, life force increases, food is better absorbed, endurance and strength increase. After fasting, the power of the mind increases so much that it can take full control of the body.
Fasting is the path to inner spiritual purity.

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