Physical exercise

Doing nothing means rusting, and rust means decay and decomposition.
In other words, activity is life, and stagnation is death. If we do not use our muscles, then we lose them. To keep muscles strong and young, we must use them constantly.

Activity is the law of life, the law of the preservation of well-being. From the use of each body depends on its strength and development.
When we train the body, we make it strong, renewed and viable; when we are lazy and do not use muscles, we fall into decay and death.
Daily exercise makes our blood circulate more vividly, and in the case of the lazy, the blood does not circulate freely, it does not make the necessary changes necessary to maintain health.

People who do not exercise regularly, have a weaker tone of life. By exercising, we give free secretion of sweat glands through all 96 million pores of our body.
The skin is the largest excretory organ of our body. If we cover our body with oil paint and thus clog pores, then we will not be able to live for even a short time.
With exercise, we enable healthy sweating and cleansing the body of poisons.

Thus, we allow the skin to use the natural role of the purifier. If we do not do this with daily exercises, then all the work done by the pores is a heavy burden on other excretory organs.
Vigorous exercise also helps to normalize blood pressure, they help to establish a healthy pulse. Vigorous exercise is also an anticoagulant, which means that exercise protects the bloodstream from blockage, called thrombosis, which often entails a heart attack.
Every creature, whether man or animal, muscular activity contributes to the removal of garbage from the body.
If you allow your muscles to be inactive, become weak, sagging, and fat, this can lead to serious consequences. Muscles lose elasticity and strength, and the result is an internal clogging.

We accumulate waste, which must be allocated. This leads to self-poisoning. I repeat that inactivity is one of the most common causes of illness.
Starvation and natural diet are the best allies in the struggle for longevity, health, youth and harmony. Exercising, you can be more generous in your diet, as in this case, your food replenishes the energy spent on exercise.

Walking for life

I appreciate any exercise, but, without a doubt, I have already spoken about it, walking on foot is the most accessible of all exercises.
Walking should not be burdensome for you. Do not stamp a step, do not march, the best if you walk freely. Of course, you must take care of yourself. Walk naturally, with your head held high, do not stoop, straightening your shoulders.
Set a goal to be a great walker and take daily walks throughout the year and in any weather.
If the world around does not interest you, turn inward. When you walk, you are free from ordinary activities and get closer to poets or philosophers, if, of course, you want it.
Everyone comes to his liking, but for me personally, this walk is more pleasant than a game of golf. Life can teach us so much that, really, it’s a pity to waste time trying to throw the ball better than other guys.
However, the result is the same – properly functioning muscles and accelerated blood circulation, plus a feeling of harmony and happiness.
Gardening is also wonderful in itself. It provides ample opportunity to be in the fresh air. But you can grow stout, doing only them, because here we have too few movements and most often in a bent pose.
For this very reason, I prefer walking on foot. But it is possible that you prefer both. You can work in the garden and then take a walk. I personally combine the rhythmic gymnastics system with fast walking and jogging.

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