Your body needs natural nutrition.

Skin cells, including hair cells, need a constant supply of power. This will become clearer if we remember that the skin is constantly renewed, the hair is constantly growing day and night, year after year.
Those who breed animals or have cats and dogs in their homes are well aware that animal skins are an important indicator of good health and well-being.

If the skin and fur of animals receive good nutrition, then this is an indicator of good condition of other cells of the body. Laboratory experiments have shown that the state of the skin and hairline or fur changes with different types of nutrition.

Nutritionists can recognize by the appearance of the skin, what kind of food gets this or that person. Different types of vitamin deficiency in humans lead to the fact that the appearance of its skin becomes unhealthy.
The intestinal tract is supplied with active involuntarily smooth muscles, through which contractions of the stomach and intestines occur.

They produce wave-like movements, promoting the digested food mass and food waste into the large intestine and contributing to the release of them.All these smooth muscles are built from living cells that require very good nutrition so that all these processes proceed normally.
To prevent intestinal inertness, various stimulants are often used, such as strong laxatives. These “stimulants” rape muscle cells, although they only need good nutrition in combination with a natural lifestyle.
The system of arteries, veins and capillaries, which carries blood to different parts of the body, is also not inert. The walls of blood vessels contain the necessary vital cells, which must also eat normally in order to maintain vital activity.

This is not always possible for them, since the calcification of the arteries is the result of unhealthy “corrosive” conditions. The process can be burdened by improper nutrition.

The center of the circulatory system – the heart – is very active, and the issue of its nutrition is extremely important.
Food pushes blood throughout the body and, moreover, is a powerful muscle, which requires a huge amount of anergy. Therefore, the heart muscle cells need a high-quality diet.
If the arteries that feed the heart become unhealthy and corrosive, then the heart muscle cells are hungry.

If oxygen hunger lasts at least a fraction of a minute, a person can become a victim of a heart beat. In this case, the amount of blood may be sufficient, but since it does not pass through the cells of the heart muscle and does not bring them food, the heart cells die, and as a result the whole organism dies.

There are special organs that require special nutrition.

These are hormones – products of the endocrine glands: thyroid hormone, adrenaline, sex hormone hormone, insulin, pancreatic cell products, etc.
They, in turn, are made up of cells that need, like all other cells, constant and proper nutrition. I will add that these cells need natural products to build high-grade hormones.

Cells that produce a thyroxinal hormone need iodine. In some regions, such as the Great Lakes region, the northwest Pacific coast or Switzerland, there is a low iodine level in the soil and vegetation.

As a result, the thyroid glands of animals and humans experience a constant shortage there. The glands cannot function properly due to lack of nutrition with enough iodine. If you use sea kale, Irish moss, etc., or eat sea fish, the thyroid gland is reduced to the norm, the disease disappears.

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