Blood and water

It is known that blood is about ten percent thicker than water.
Blood plasma is 80 percent water, which allows it to circulate freely throughout the body. It carries food and gases, inorganic salts and nutrients, waste, and performs other similar work.
Everything needed by human cells is brought by plasma, including the materials with which the cell builds itself.
Any processes — whether cell building, absorption, or release — occur with the help of plasma. Receiving food and fuel from the digestive and respiratory organs, it carries them to all the tissues of the body.

Water keeps you cool

The car needs water in the radiator to maintain a certain engine temperature. To a greater extent this applies to the human body. The reason is that water absorbs heat quickly.
In living organisms, where a constant temperature level is maintained, water acts as an extremely efficient cooler. The human body has a constant temperature level. This is a temperature of 36.6 ° C, and it must be maintained all the time, regardless of climate and the environment.

The temperature is regulated mainly by the epidermis by evaporation.
In addition, about a quarter of the heat released during the combustion of oxygen and food in the body is released during breathing.
But the body can lose up to 0.5 liters of water per hour only as a result of sweating. When it is cold, sweating stops and all the water accumulates in the tissues. Our body does a lot of work to bring us to the temperature balance.

Studies have shown that a person who is at rest in a normal humidity day loses about 300 grams of fluid through the skin and lungs. A long-distance runner loses up to four liters, football players sometimes lose up to six liters per hour.
Since the body is more than half water, and the excretory processes are mainly based on it, it is clear that it is easy to lose. Lack of water can be very dangerous, especially if its deficit is delayed for a long time. You should pay attention to this and drink more.

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