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Worst of all, autointoxication is increasing, accumulating. To overcome it, you need fasting, proper natural fasting and a healthy lifestyle.

When the body is poisoned, you become unnecessarily pessimistic, unable to overcome depression. But one fine morning you wake up again awake and healthy. Having spent a lot of effort, you still defeat the enemy.

Newspapers, television, radio – all promise you the means to heal from such depression. Which of the wonderful tools to use? Remember – there are no miracles, there are no easy ways leading to full physical and spiritual health.

Your punishment is bad habits, your greatest reward is a healthy lifestyle.

Mother Nature will not allow you to mock your body with impunity. Every time you strike dead and lifeless food at your body, you pay a high price.

Of course, you can take some kind of doping in order to forget, but you do not have to be a child and think that if you swallow something inappropriate and then take it with medicine, then everything will pass.

You will pay dearly every time you turn your stomach into a cesspool. The heart and arteries will suffer. Each new intoxication is another step towards shortening your life.

Each intoxication leaves its mark, and that is why it should be feared. Do not clog your blood. Learn to protect yourself from auto-intoxication.

First of all, get into the habit of having a complete fasting weekly, lasting from 24 to 36 hours with drinking only distilled water. And on other days, eat natural non-poisoned food. Let your mind guide the body. The flesh is stupid .

You can nourish the stomach with anything, but now, armed with common sense, you must eat reasonably. Let everything you eat be as close to nature as possible! Why kill yourself so early?

Be firmly aware that auto-intoxication is our worst enemy.

This is the true cause of almost all diseases, because they all begin with blood poisoning. It is the cause of diseases affecting the heart, liver, kidneys, joints and arteries. Poisoning is also a direct root cause of premature aging, and to a greater extent than all the other causes combined.

Keeping blood clean is only half the battle. In addition, you often overload your stomach, giving it a new job when it has not yet coped with the previous one.

You have always been taught what to eat at a certain time. Regardless of whether you are hungry or not, at lunchtime you have to saturate yourself. This is a terrible way of eating, completely unscientific, contrary to all the latest discoveries on nutrition.

I recently made a voyage that lasted several days. Passengers were fed breakfast early in the morning in their cabins, and an hour or so later they were loaded with a huge amount of bacon, ham and eggs, hot bread rolls, toast, jam, jelly, fried potatoes and lots of coffee.

Then on the deck was a snack at 11 am. At one o’clock a big dinner was served, at 4 o’clock in the afternoon afternoon tea with cookies, at 7 o’clock in the evening a big dinner, and at 11 o’clock a treat at the buffet.

Believe it or not, in a few weeks we buried 9 people at sea. All died as a result of self-poisoning. Autointoxication!

When you overeat, you enhance the fermentation and rotting processes in the intestines, create a balance shift and thereby promote the reproduction of microbes in your intestines.

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