Modern lifestyle is slow suicide

From the cradle you start to deceive yourself when you are countlessly counting your years. Being blissfully ignorant, you burn yourself like a candle at both ends. Sometimes you even try to set yourself on fire in the middle. We die prematurely because we lack sanity.

I have no doubt that a person who was born completely full-fledged, living in accordance with the science of health, should easily live to 120 years!

Why not? There is no disease of old age. There is only one thing that can kill you. This is a particular disease.

But if you eat properly from childhood, fasting once a week and several times a year, periodically for ten days, then you sharply reduce the likelihood of contracting a fatal disease.

Children in our time are fed completely wrong. First, many mothers do not breastfeed their babies, they do not receive the most necessary food for themselves – mother’s milk.

Children receive food from bottles and cans, food overloaded with refined white flour, white sugar and deadly salt. The destruction of the body of a modern child begins at birth. And a premature catastrophe becomes inevitable.

Nine out of ten people are suicides.

Benjamin Franklin

Look around you if you want complete clarity in matters of health. 25 million Americans lie in thousands of hospitals scattered from the East to the West Coast.

300,000 doctors are constantly busy trying to save these hopelessly sick people. Eighty thousand dentists cannot even complete one-tenth of the work that Americans need.

I found many rotten and damaged teeth in most children.

Many, not even 20 years old, have prostheses. We are hopelessly sick, sick nation! We are deceived when they say that we live in a healthy and viable country. But the facts and figures do not lie.

And even if you do not overeat, what you eat does not benefit. Your food is acidic in its reaction, instead of showing an alkaline reaction.

And even minimal information on physiology, nutrition and starvation could save you. Ignorance is a terrible enemy. As long as you are a walking microbe factory, you will not have a normal life.

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