Great people also starved

In the great Alexandria in Egypt, at the time when it was the cultural center of the world, people had to starve for 40 days before starting a course with the master. Jesus Christ went hungry for 40 days, Buddha went hungry for a long time, and Gandhi did the same!

All the great spiritual shepherds throughout the history of mankind drew their spiritual strength in starvation. And fasting not only did not worsen their physical condition, but also gave a huge intellectual power!

Try it for yourself, and you will see how sharper and more productive your mind has become after fasting, how much faster you have begun to perceive information. Notice how much more you learn while reading.

Who does not eat too much, never lazy. The gates of wisdom are never closed.

Benjamin Franklin

Enemy within us

Victor Hugo poetically called the poisons in our body “a snake that sits in a man.” Although these words are a purely poetic metaphor, they contain much more truth than poetry.

I tend to recognize autointoxication as the worst, worst enemy in the fight for longevity against aging. It even more devastates us morally than physically. This is after all poisoning not only the body, but also the mind.

Even when the flow of energy resumes, the person may still have a sense of the futility of any flow of energy. A person in such cases is often inclined to say to himself: “The best in life is passed.

A little left ahead, and some trouble. So many of my friends and relatives have gone from life. Apparently, soon my turn. Such thoughts lead to a sad, depressed state and do not contribute to health and longevity.

Intoxication itself is the greatest enemy of the century precisely because of routine and little knowledge. Painful mood, anxiety, tension, stress, nervousness, unnecessary arousal indicate an unhealthy state of the blood.

Normal for us should be optimism, cheerfulness, carelessness, self-confidence. But even when fortune smiles seductively to us, we sometimes remain sad and gloomy.

But in case of failures, we happen to surprise everyone with our spiritual strength. All these differences can be explained by one thing – purity or impure blood.

I want to live 120 years and even more, and in excellent physical condition – I love life! Every day of my life is a miracle! – I manage myself, I want to be the master of my life and I value every passing hour! 

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