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Disease is the retribution of nature

for violating its laws.

/ Charles Simmons /

Nutrition is a key factor in determining health. ­ human, but there are many other important aspects that affect the maintenance of optimal co ­ standing of our body. I believe that for normal ­ The following components are vital to a person’s well-being:

1)     exercises;

2)      sunlight;

3)      good deep sleep;

4)      proper breathing;

5)     clean drinking water;

6)      correct stress management;

7)     cold tempering ­ doy

Exercises. Conducted medical studies at Harvard and Stanford universities ­ After studying the habits and state of health, 17,000 middle-aged and older people reported that they received the first scientific evidence that even simple exercise helps to prolong life.

If every new generation is born periodically ­ at 20 years old, it means that, starting from 10 000 BC until our birth, only about 600 ­ colony. Therefore, we inherited our gene ­ tic structure from ancestors who lived thousands of years ago. Therefore, our body begins to react negatively, if we do not lead a physically active lifestyle. If we prefer sitting, not moving ­ our body is weakening, and the risk of serious diseases increases, even if we eat right. Therefore, if you will be dedicating daily ­ for at least 30 minutes of physical exercise or work that requires physical effort, you will soon feel ­ Those following positive results:

*         a surge of energy and strength;

*        improvement of metabolism;

*        muscle strengthening;

*         stress reduction;

*         increase self-esteem;

*         reducing body fat;

*        reducing the risk of many serious diseases ­ like cancer, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and osteoporosis;

*        improved blood circulation.

Sunlight. For many centuries, doctors and popular goals ­ The bodies were used to heal patients from ­ strange illnesses methods of treatment with sunlight (“heliotherapy”). As shown by research ­ Sunlight is effective in treating diseases such as rickets, osteomalacia (softening of the bones), osteoporosis, acne, eczema, psoriasis, jaundice of the newborn, and depression. Without zhi ­ invading sunlight risk of dying from cancer ­ melts 30 times.

Once I read an article in the medical journal about the benefits of exposure to the body ­ dim level of solar energy. Conducted ­ followings in which 1,200 children were exposed to different levels of solar energy, while ­ It was claimed that with the necessary level of the organism, the risk of ­ diabetes mellitus decreased compared to control ­ group by 80%. The same article explained that vitamin D contained in fish cannot replace sunlight.

In Washington You the Post says, “Many Americans, especially African-Americans may suffer from hidden second key nutrient deficiency – vie Tamina D , which increases the risk of bone disease and the emergence of a whole package of other diseases. Susche exist evidence that certain diseases such as cancer, hypertension, depression and disorders of the immune system (multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes) may be associated with a lack vi Tamina D».

We need to regularly be in the sun, homo mu sunlight strengthens our body, good proach working on it as follows:

* lowers cholesterol;      

* normalizes (lowers) pressure;      

* improves the activity of the thyroid gland;      

* strengthens the immune system;      

* normalizes insulin production;      

* increases the contractility of the heart muscle.      

I recommend to all regular, preferably daily, for the mountain in the sun for at least 30-60 minutes, especially those who work indoors under artificial light. However, to warn that no trace is exposed to excessive hydrochloric directsunlight or, such as in summer at noon, particularly in areas close to the equator, or located at a high altitude above sea level.

Deep sleep. Human beings are created very Mood ro and with great forethought. Creator before seen people during the day will be subject to will repay Corollary various negative factors, or will themselves commit acts harmful to their health. Therefore th he gave us the blessed ability to sleep ka ­ every night regardless of what we did during the day. This blessed gift keeps us from continuing the daily madness. A person must lie down every night and spend several hours motionless. During sleep, we can not drink, smoke or engage in gluttony. And no matter how much damage we caused ourselves during the day, at night our body heals the wounds received. To cure our body at night, trying to achieve internal balance (homeostasis). However, human beings are so successful in the ability of STI to destroy your body during the day, it even affects the quality of their sleep. Often we just do not understand what little things can harm our health.

I would like to share with you some recommend tions.

* Whenever possible, sleep in the open will repay heh: fresh outdoor air is saturated with anions (from -negative charged ions). According to many reports, and reports increased level of Anio is new in the air it has a beneficial effect on the op -organisms of man, helping him to relax, reduce fatigue, stress, irritability, depression and tension. My family and I tried to sleep on from the indoor air all year round. Husband built in the courtyard of an appropriate structure, a cross between a shed and a gazebo with large unglazed windows, and a huge open door, and even up responses tures, directly under the roof. There we sleep when but ­      we are at home. And when there is no rain, we generally sleep on the terrace, right under the open starry sky.

* Recover your energy field. Our energy field extends to a distance of several tens of centimeters from the body, as if surrounding it with a giant cocoon. This energy field is our cradle in which we are healed. During the night all wounds are healed, but not when in our head stands Service or bedroom Started computer melts. Electrical appliances to MULTI to tens of centimeters are surrounded by electromagnetic fi elds. When the fields intersect, our body cannot heal completely. Personally, if hoditsya sleep in the room, turn off all Electra      chesky devices. I am also very cautious about powerful electrical appliances, such as a refrigerator or microwave oven, located in neighboring rooms, since plywood walls do not shield their harmful vibrations.

* Sleep on a hard surface: at night your body should be drawn out. Bones and joints may be drawn only when we lie on a hard surface STI. This is especially important for the spine. In the afternoon of zvonochnik often located in awkward, the incorrect position will, when we drive a car, sit ne ed a computer or watching television. In this case it does not flow to the vertebrae sufficiently spinnomozgo howling fluid and oxygenated blood. My whole family prefers to sleep on hard beds or on the floor in sleeping bags. You should have seen us during our trips, sleeping on the floor next to the large double bed in the hotel room! If circumstances force us to sleep in soft blood. ­      vatyah, we wake up broken, with a headache and absolutely not rested.

* Do not go to bed with a full stomach. Try to eat at least 2-3 hours before bedtime, at the same time there should be a light meal that she could Perevi ritsya before you fall asleep.      

* Learn to sleep naked: any, even the most loose clothing during sleep disrupts blood circulation. Especially harmful synthetic nightwear, because synthetics accumulate static elec trichestvo acting on the body energy.      

* Go to sleep at night not in vain in the US overnight shifts on binding “burial”. It is very important to sleep exactly at night. The human body is harmoniously “tuned” to the movement of the stars and the processes occurring in our Universe; therefore, different organs rest at different times of the day. Adrenal gland, e.g., otdy hayut from 11 o’clock to 1 o’clock. It is at this time that we begin to feel so sleepy that we drink coffee, turn on loud music or a bright light so as not to fall asleep. If we get used to constant Janno awake from 11 pm to 1 am, our adrenal glands gradually “wear out” and we feel sleepy and tired even during the day. Over the years, the usual wakefulness at night can develop insomnia and depression.      

I understand that the life of each of us a lot of boat and these small moments, of which I speak, may seem insignificant. But I advise you to SOCA Bova improve sleep condition and see how it will increase the quality, if you follow my simple tips. I work very hard and sometimes, going to sleep, I feel just empty. But I slaughtering chus about his dream and so wake up refreshed, full of strength and energy, and in a good mood. Proper breathing. Oxygen plays a vitally important role in the circulatory system and the respiratory ­ Noah system. When we breathe, the inhaled oxygen nourishes the body and purify the blood by removing circulating in the blood stream toxic waste zhiznedeyatel Nosta cells. According to Michael White, developed tavshy “System training optimal breathing” (educational Michael White’s website, “with the help of the respiratory system removes 70% of our metabolic wastes.” Improper respiratory of reducing the effectiveness of the cleaning process, whereby the waste remains in the body and can cause a number of serious diseases. Based on the results of many years of research, White states: “The way many people are accustomed to ­ harms their health. They inhibit dy Haniyeh, or breathe the upper part of the chest or breathing shallow and irregular. This manner is learned by them subconsciously, or formed by chance, or is the result of emotional suggestion. Neko torye “typical” breathing habits can provotsi Rowan physiological or psychological stress and anxiety disorders. “

To check how you breathe, sit in a calm place and relax for 1-2 minutes. Put your hand th rizontalno on your stomach a couple of centimeters above the navel ka. Close your eyes. Breathe, as usual, without trying to change anything in your breathing. Control how the abdomen moves with each inhalation and exhalation. If you breathe correctly, then the hand lying on your stomach should move while breathing.

Breathing in the stomach is the right way. If breathing chest moves, but it is not associated with medical skim readings, so you breathe shallowly and not right.

Try to constantly control your breathing. Every time you notice that restrain respiratory set, breathing irregularly or too fast, reconstructed from Lebanon abdominal breathing.

Clean drinking water. The presence in the body chelove ka enough water ensures normal Noah functioning of all its systems. Water is more than 2/3 of our body weight. Without it, a person will die in a few days. Water accounts for 95% of our brain, 82% of the blood and 90% of the lungs. As a result of in-depth studies on the role of water in our organisms IU Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj discovered that chronic dehydration is the cause of the set many painful conditions, including asthma, allergies, arthritis, sore throat, migraine, hypertension, elevated cholesterol, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, depression, a false sense of hunger and diabetes in the elderly. The beneficial effects of water on the body include:

* giving extra energy;      

* improved metabolism;      

* reduction of headaches and dizziness;      

* weight loss;      

* improve digestion and food digestibility;      

* Improving the performance of body cleansing systems;      

* lubrication of joints and ligaments;      

* improved regulation of body temperature.      

Given that the water content of raw foods is high enough, you do not need to drink 8 glasses of water a day, unless you are not eating very salty food, do not live in a dry climate and / or not engaged in heavy physical uprazh neniyami for a long period of time. When I drink 2.5-3.5 liters of green smoothies a day, I drink very little water or don’t drink it at all. And of course, you should consume only the best and cleanest drinking water.

Fight against stress. When we worry or who searches Vai stress, our body responds physiologically in the same way as the body of any animal, but we do not permit the arisen situation as the animals that come to fight or flee. Over time, regular physiological responses of our organisms ma stress make us very sick. In its eat bestseller “Why do zebras is not an ulcer zhelud ka” Dr. Robert Sapolsky explains how prolonged stress causes or exacerbates a number of physical or psychological diseases, including such as depression, stomach ulcers, colitis, heart disease and others.

As I mentioned above, I consider hiking effective natural method of combating Stresa catfish. If you do not like walking, try any or whether other physical exercises. I prefer to walk, because it is the most natural movement inherent in all people and it is useful not only for the body, but also for the mind. Walking relieves stress induced in the voltage was a sense of despair and through increased vyde Lenia endorphins – one produced by our brain chemical compounds, also called “hormone of happiness.”

Many stressful conditions can change, and build up the thread or minimized. To reduce the impact of stress, you can do the following:

* realize your reaction to stress;      

* try to increase your self-esteem;      

* focus on their positive qualities and achievements;      

* avoid unnecessary competition;      

* adhere to confident behavior;      

* identify and accept your limits. Remember that each person is unique and nepovto Rome;      

* discuss with your friends or with whom you trust your concerns and concerns;      

* Learn how to properly and wisely use their VRE on me;      

* study relaxation technique. For example, if you have the IP experience t stress, you can help relax the camping a few slow breaths.      

Hardening with cold water. Throughout human history, people bathe were in cold water, with the exception of those rare SLU teas, when there are hot springs. And lo Useful there are still many places where only cold water can be used for their personal needs. The ancient Greeks knew about the healing properties of cold water. To Gda in 700 BC. er Invented the first water heating systems, they continued to use cold water for health purposes. The Spartans, to which are attached some health was the key to a good reputation, believing it be that a man does not become hot when in use doy; they regularly dipped in cold water to gain strength and good health.

In the I century AD er in Finland, after a hot sauna was taken to jump into the cold river or lake water. The tribes of ancient Russia in the IX century there was a ritual of “purification”, which included dipping in ice water. Existed in Russia for centuries tradition Zack cold water body Libanius

Bathing in ice water it is so inextricably linked with Russian culture and traditions that even there a large, government-funded organization in Russia called “Federation Zakayev Bani and sports winter swimming.” In addition, a scientific conference is held annually in Moscow devoted to the study of the effects of cold water on the human body. In Russia, especially in Siberia, su exists several research insti Tutov, for many years engaged in the study will repay Corollarycold temperatures on human health. I want to tell you about some of their discoveries. The maximum healing effect is achieved when the body is immersed for 1-2 minutes in water with a temperature ­ Tours below 12 degrees Celsius. For short periods of cold water blood vessels dramatically sous zhayutsya and place in them a large amount of blood as it is pushed into the body, filling and enlivening internal capillaries, which the age of 30 tend to the death due to lack of CIR kulyatsii blood and unhealthy lifestyles. Regeneration of a large number of capillaries improves the supply of our internal organs with the nutrients necessary for their proper functioning and recovery. As a result of this improvement CIR kulyatsii blood due to the recovery of the capillaries Liu Bitel winter swimming look younger than their years. In ancient Greece such procedures were called “natural.” ­ Noah gymnastics for blood vessels.

The results of several research Svidén ments that within 50 seconds after Short time alternating exposure to extremely cold temperatures due to transformation of neurons in our body about proceeds selection large amount of heat (this phenomenon is called “instantaneous heat generation”). According to this, despite the fact that testing on the first instantaneous of shock, which can be a bit painful, winter swimming enthusiasts ( “walruses”) begin to feel then is poured over the body to relax produce heat. This is quite a unique feeling of relaxation, incomparable with any other od bong relaxation.

Russian scientists demonstrated that the combination of the instantaneous and abrupt impact cold allocate forward as a result of this heat stimulates the body to search and destroy diseased cells, thereby zapus kai recovery process when many degenerate GOVERNMENTAL liver, kidney and heart, as well as mental diseases.

After dipping into cold water, the skin is charged with anions (negatively charged ions). Russias sky scientist, Academician Alexander Chizhevsky believed that this negative charge is very important for us, Since our bodies are often too positively charged.

Cold water hardening improves metabolism. This stimulates the body against free cleaning pa dicalite heavy metals, pesticides and nitrates. In addition, the body is cleaned through the skin and lungs, while reducing the burden on the kidneys. And finally, swimming in cold water significantly strengthens the immune system. Protecting ourselves from cold and heat with the help of air conditioners, heaters and clothes, we do not allow the system of thermoregulation of our body to work in full force. At the same time, we believe that this creates comfortable and healthy conditions for our body, although in reality everything is quite the opposite. When exposed to low temperatures, the body of an unprepared person ­ century losing internal heat 30 times faster than the human body is hardened. As a result, unhardened people are prone to diseases even with minor fluctuations in the external temperature – for example, after spending an extra 5 minutes in the wind or getting wet in the rain. And while we are not even remotely studied all possibility Nosta person. I was literally shocked when about reading about a new kind of sport, called ” Akvaays -Sports» (Aquaice , sports winter swimming), and has become popular in recent years in Russia, Yapo Research Institute, the Czech Republic, China and other countries. Hundreds of athletes take part in the marathon for hours ­ swimming in ice water. For example, March 19, 2006, as soon as the ice is gone strong on the Moscow River, 20 to Mende from different regions of Russia took part in with jealousy at the 100-kilometer distance. The team consists of 4 people (men and women) to torye succeeded each other. The record time shown was 42 hours and 45 minutes! The length of the largest distance covered by one participant was 7 km. In order to temper the body so requires more than many years of constant training.

Winter swimming is becoming increasingly popular, including in North America. In the state of New York has been working several clubs “polar bears” (in Russian called “the plague of winter swimming enthusiasts Jamie”), which is attached to the hundreds of people on this useful to engage.

Perhaps the biggest club “Polar Bears” Xie veroamerikanskom continent, bringing together thousands of enthusiasts, is located in Vancouver (province Bree T’ang Columbia, Canada). For example, the advent of a new, 2000 2128 “polar bears” noted weight gaussian swim in the icy ocean water. In the 80s of the last century, my husband Igor was Presidia that the club “walrus” in Balashikha. Every morning before work, he would take me and the children to a river or a lake to swim in cold water. We made no exceptions, even when I was pregnant and fed. I remember, we are so much carried away by cold bathing, that literally could not miss a single day. If the eye did not succeed ­ to rush into the cold water, it seemed to us that we were missing something, the children slept badly and began to be capricious. Personally, I felt that the whole day went somersault.

Winter Swimming – an excellent method of tempering op -organisms, reinforcing our energy. According to statistics, winter swimming lovers are sick about Jelly diseases in 60 times less than other people. Winter swimming used as terapevtiche sky method helps in treating such Zabolev Nij as arthritis, hypertension, tuberculosis II diabetes of type, chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal th tract, various inflammatory disorders menstru cial cycle, dermatitis and others. Naturally, before jumping into the hole, you should consult ­ You can visit the local club of winter swimming enthusiasts or study the tips and instructions given in the literature on this subject.

Some researchers have questioned the benefit of human exposure is very low or very high temperatures, considering such conditions cheres chur extreme. I believe that these conditions are as natural for people as individuals practicingNia or starvation. For example, the feeling of fatigue that arises after running does not mean at all that running should not be done at all. As an established fact, and ongoing studies indicate that those who seek to maintain a constant smooth the temperatures the environment by using heaters, air conditioners or warm clothes, as a rule, are less energetic and viable and have lower continuation , life expectancy. Most centenarians about ­ who lived a hundred years or more, live in the mountains, where it is impossible to avoid temperature drops.

Winter swimming in spite of the existing opinion, dos were lent immense pleasure. After a swim in the cold -water I feel so fresh and well, I can not compare this feeling with any other. Every year on the morning of January 1, after the New Year, we all bathe in cold water. Igor introduced many Americans to bathing in cold water. Once one of the participants of our workshops on the road, which we spent in Ashland , tried to plunge into the cold water, and as they told us, got great pleasure from this and pochuvst Vova huge burst of energy.

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