Disease is a crime, not criminals 2

At the turn of the century, I was close to the great Bernard McFadden , the founder of the movement for physical culture, the publisher of the journal Physical Education. The following lines were always printed on the cover of the magazine: “Disease is a crime, we will not be criminals!”

Physical weakness, lethargy and soreness always seemed to me criminal, an insult inflicted on such a wonderful instrument as the human body.

Since I recovered and regained my health, I have been following all the necessary measures to keep my body in a state of perfection.

Adherence to high ideals of vigor, resilience, health and endurance brings me such high dividends that I call myself the “millionaire of health.”

Being a millionaire of health, enjoying the joy of health that does not depend on age, it is worth working for. 

The “secret” of the unquenchable, not knowing old age health lies in the inner cleansing and restoration with the help of natural food and other principles renewing a person, such as clean air, starvation, exercise, rest, etc.

When you cleanse the body with dosed fasting and natural products, your body requires daily physical exertion. And with the help of the load, you yourself create your body the way you want it to be.

Just think! After all, you can bring your body to physical perfection. Knowledge, gleaned from this book will help you live a full life!

Man is a unique phenomenon of nature, but the laws that govern him are quite simple and very understandable to those who do not take the time to study them and observe the life of their bodies day after day.

Life can be a happy and joyful adventure. The task of knowing oneself seems endless, but with an absolutely clear view of things and the daily use of these simple but precise laws, life becomes not only an exciting adventure, but also an amazing joy.

Each of us needs to follow this life course of health. Study it for years, and every day will bring you joy, happiness and pleasure from a healthy, happy, long and energetic life.

Paul Bragg , a life extension specialist

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