Do not worry about the work of the intestines during fasting

People starving for three to ten days are usually bothered by the bowels. Let me emphasize: do not worry about it. After the end of fasting, the intestines will again perform their functions.

I do not believe in laxatives or enemas during fasting. I do not believe in any kind of violence against nature, but the use of enemas, in my opinion, is mostly unnatural. The same applies to taking any kind of laxative.

The intestines have their own sanitary and antiseptic agents, and the rest of the food that was in the intestine before the onset of fasting will be neutralized before the end of the fast.

The output system of nature is perfect, if you do not interfere with its natural work.

When fasting ends and you eat food that is well balanced in volume, moisture and viscosity, your intestines will act more naturally than ever, because at least 50 percent of your food will be natural, consisting of raw fruits and vegetables in the form of salads.

You should eat a lot of greens and vegetables. No need to eat meat and fish more than three times a week. The need for proteins will be satisfied by nuts, seeds and vegetables.

The bread that you eat should be dried until the starch turns into sugar, which is well digested. After fasting, it is good to eat sprouted wheat grains – a very healthy food.

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