How to spend a three-day, seven- and ten-day fast

Fasting for three days or more should be carried out in ideal conditions. You must ensure that you have the opportunity to rest at any time when you feel that the poisons are leaving your body.

During this period, you may feel unwell and should be able to lie down. In bed, you need to relax and lie quietly until the poisons are out of the body.

It is better not to read, not to watch TV, not to listen to the radio and certainly not to communicate with anyone. .

You must go to the bedroom and stay there in complete rest. This period of discomfort will pass as soon as the poisons leave your body.

I repeat once again that during a prolonged fasting you should not spread about what you are doing, since other people’s negative emotions can disrupt your optimistic mood and thoughts about the miracle that occurs in your body during fasting.

Starving is so personal to me that many years ago in California in the Santa Monica Mountains, near the Topang Canyon, I built a small hut. In this voluntary exile I often spent my fasting.

If you have the opportunity to retire to a secluded place and spend fasting in the fresh air and alone, you will get excellent results.

In our country there are several good places for fasting, where wonderful conditions have been created. Many of my students, who regularly go hungry during the holidays, go to some quiet place and rent a room there.

Of course, I do not claim that you need to leave home for starvation: your home is your fortress and, most likely, you are calmer there than anywhere else.

My family is all fascinated by starvation, and when one of us is hungry, we all show attention and participation to him. We agreed not to ask each other about the state of health during the fast.

Starvation is such an intimate affair that no one can help you here. Therefore, it is best not to discuss it with anyone, even with those who sympathize with your occupation.

When you fast from three to ten days or more, you are on the operating table of nature. Nature saves you from all that is superfluous: mucus, toxins and other foreign substances in your body.

Bed rest is vital because all your life forces must be used for detoxification and inner cleansing.

If you want to take a walk in the fresh air or take a sun bath, do it only if you feel strong enough in yourself.

Do not take long sunbathing because they are tedious for the nervous system, physical activity will also tire you. Do not do anything that could waste your energy!

For many years, I told my students that the best results with three to ten days of fasting are provided by bed rest.

The more the starving person sleeps, the better. If you can not sleep, then just relax. It is good for this period to completely withdraw from work. Do not think about your problems, completely free from unnecessary thoughts.

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