Swiss doctor – my savior

Swiss doctor – my savior 15

After restoring health in the sanatorium of Dr. August Rolle in the Swiss city of Lausanne, I began my program of regular fasting. So he lived for five years. Once I started a ten-day fast, and then a miracle happened.

I was on my old family farm in Virginia, on the seventh day of fasting, canoeing down the river, enjoying the sun and fresh air. Suddenly terrible pains in the stomach began, there was no such thing in my life.

With great difficulty, I got to the shore, freed my stomach, and then I felt about a third of a cup of mercury coming out of the β€œ calomel, β€ which I took in my childhood. This case dramatically changed my physical condition. From this day on, I finally learned what wonderful health is.

My vitality has greatly increased as a result of following the program of natural living food, fasting and the use of all the forces of nature, such as fresh air, sun, exercise and swimming.

I am sure that over the years I have removed the remnants of many of the medicines with which my childhood diseases were treated.

Keep your morale high

I want you to understand that even if you go hungry for only one day, you cleanse your body.

The idea that you are creating a timeless body, free from disease and fatigue, is able to maintain your high morale during fasting.

Chase away self-pity, any negative emotions during fasting. Every day during fasting, repeat:

1. On this day, I handed my body into the hands of nature. I turned to higher powers for inner cleansing and renewal.

2. Every minute of starvation, I expel dangerous poisons from my body. Every hour when I go hungry, I become happier and happier.

3. Hour by hour, my body cleanses itself.

4. When fasting, I use the same method of physical, spiritual and mental cleansing, which was used by the great teachers of humanity for centuries.

5. During fasting, I completely control my condition. No false hunger sensation will make me stop fasting. I successfully complete my fasting, because I believe in the forces of nature.

By repeating these words, you direct each cell of the body. Control takes place as if through the subconscious. That is why I urge you not to discuss your starvation program with your friends, relatives, and acquaintances!

Starvation is a purely personal affair of everyone. When toxins are eliminated from your body, your sensations will not be pleasant.

But you must repeat: β€œIt will definitely pass!” Be firm and consistent in your intentions, think of the wonderful results that are achieved by cleansing the body.

Enjoy it.

After the end of the 24-hour fasting, your very first food should be a salad of fresh vegetables based on grated carrots and chopped cabbage (you can use lemon or orange juice as a seasoning).

This salad will act as a broom in the intestines. He will work the muscles of the gastrointestinal tract.

For the salad should follow the dish of boiled vegetables. It can be fresh stewed tomatoes. Stewed tomatoes are not acidifying foods if they are used without white bread.

Remember that you should not interrupt starvation of such foods as meat, milk, cheese, butter, fish, as well as nuts or seeds. Your first meal should consist of a salad and boiled vegetables. The second meal can be meat or any other.

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