Miracle Organs

Each of the two kidneys in our body has a million effective filters, and when the body is starving, the kidneys are actively removing toxins.

All the vital forces and the nervous energy of the body work tirelessly, because they are no longer engaged in fruitless work of chewing food, its digestion and processing.

You cannot even imagine how powerful the vital forces are in your body until you give them the opportunity to express themselves.

As long as the toxins remain in your body, you may not feel very well during fasting. But as vitality flushes out these poisons from the body through the kidneys, your well-being will improve.

Repeatedly using fasting, you can get rid of the remnants of old drugs that are buried in your tissues for many years. Let me tell you about one case from my own experience of the first fasting.

My body was so acidified that I had had a child with literally all childhood diseases: mumps, measles, whooping cough — you can name any childhood disease and you can’t go wrong: I had it.

All this time I have been taking large quantities of a medicine called “calomel” containing mercury.

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