How to spend a 24-hour fast

Your 24-hour fasting should continue from lunch to lunch or from dinner to dinner. At the same time, you should refrain from any solid food and fruit, as well as from fruit and vegetablejuices. Such starvation is known as complete starvation, conducted only on distilled water.

Only one exception is allowed in a 24-hour fast. If you want, add one third of a teaspoon of natural honey or one teaspoon of lemon juice to a glass of distilled water. These additives act as solvents for toxic substances and mucus.

This is not done to ā€œsupport your strength,ā€ but to make the water taste better and, as I said, to dissolve mucus and toxic substances so that they can be easily passed through our body’s natural filter – the kidneys.

The kidneys play the most important role in this one-day fasting, as well as in the 36-hour fasting and in the seventy-day fasting. That is why during any fasting it is very important to drink large quantities of distilled water.

I have already said how important it is to keep urine after a 24-hour fast, keep bottles in a cool place for a few weeks. You will see with your own eyes poisons in the form of mucus and crystals, which are excreted by the kidneys from the body.

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