How to help an alcoholic

Let’s talk about this: “How to help a loved one and an alcoholic to quit drinking if he does not want it at all.” Indeed, those who are not dependent on alcohol will not understand those who cannot live without an alcoholic dose.

Why, even knowing that further alcohol consumption threatens serious health consequences , the alcoholic continues to drink, no matter what, and not giving in to any persuasion to stop it?

For a non-drinker and non-alcoholic person, this seems easier to do. Don’t drink and that’s it! However, for an alcoholic, everything is completely different. How is it not to drink? But what about holidays, birthdays and so on, but how is it generally to give up alcohol for life ?!

And he continues to wind up hellish alcoholic circles, the portions of alcohol are getting larger, he can no longer imagine life without it even during periods of short sober days, stopping alcohol intake only under the influence of serious life problems or health problems.

How to help an alcoholic stop drinking?

There is no universal recipe, a kind of magic pill to help an alcoholic stop drinking, but there are some ways that give, albeit a scanty percentage, that an alcoholic will not drink alcohol at all for some time.

If an alcoholic has had a binge, then, firstly, it is necessary to urgently call a doctor and detoxify the body in order to clear the blood and after sleep, the alcoholic regained consciousness. If there was no binge, it also takes time for the alcoholic to be able to adequately perceive what he will be told. But after all the procedures for getting out of a long binge or stopping withdrawal symptoms, you can begin to instruct you on the path of sobriety.   

This is where the problem arises. The first thing that comes to the mind of relatives is the coding for alcoholism. I would like to immediately warn you that coding for alcoholism does not respond in the best way to the psyche of an alcoholic and it does not pass without a trace.

During the coding from alcoholism, an alcoholic is injected with a drug into a vein, and then a cotton swab moistened with alcohol is placed under the tongue for the so-called provocation. The sensations are unpleasant, and if, after the coding session, the alcoholic drinks alcohol, then this step may be the last in his life at worst, or lead to serious health problems at best. Thus, it is worth thinking a hundred times before drinking.  

All these chemicals. procedures are based on a person’s fear of the consequences. And this, to put it mildly, is not entirely correct, since it is not possible to constantly hide and prohibit!

A reasonable question arises:

How to help an alcoholic live a sober life?

It is necessary to completely change the attitude of the alcoholic to alcohol and teach him to live a new sober life.

It is necessary to help the alcoholic realize the whole essence of alcohol, the fact that it is a common poison, help him draw conclusions and return to a sober full-fledged life. Encourage people to start learning to live without alcohol. After all, this is a completely new life for him. The alcoholic has so forgotten how to enjoy and relax without alcohol. The challenge for those who wish to help an alcoholic quit drinking is to be around and learn together to live a life where alcohol has no place. And this is all life! 

An overwhelming task? More likely no than yes. This is the only thing you can do and take to help an alcoholic stop drinking. Everything else is a waste of huge money, effort, time.

Can you ignite the fire and passion for a sober life in an alcoholic ? We will assume that we helped the alcoholic to quit drinking and did half the battle, but the rest of his life and the rest of the job depend on him. Therefore, from this moment, the alcoholic begins to live and learn to solve all problems and tasks on a sober head, taking responsibility for his life. After all, this, you see, any person can do it, right? We hope this article gave you an answer to the question that tormented you: “How can I help an alcoholic to stop drinking?”  

It is much more effective to use a million different ways and naturally get some kind of result than to sit – with folded hands, watching – how a person close to you drinks down, sinking to the bottom. 

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