Keep the stomach alkaline

Since acidosis plays a negative role, you should beware of it. Didn’t you ever say, “Ah, I’m a little out of order, a breakdown, my face is pale. It happens. That is life!”?

Nothing like this. You can always be in a good mood. Your body, you can consider an excellent mechanism that with proper care will never be mess up.

Watch for the first signs of acidosis. Grayish bloom on tongue, irritability, flushing to the face – do not consider these signs unworthy of attention. These are danger signals.

Maybe today they are not so clear, but tomorrow they will be more and more obvious. Acidosis is cunning, it accumulates. And today, not tomorrow, is the day when you have to save yourself.

After all, life is self-defense. Your opponent has a head start, and what you lose in tactics can be played in a strategy. You are struggling with an adversary obviously stronger.

In the end, you will be knocked out, but the match will last ten rounds or all twenty, it depends on you.

You need to know about acidosis and all the ills that it carries.

Including about microorganisms for which he creates a nutrient medium. If acidosis becomes chronic, it will lead to constantly increased blood pressure, and then to atherosclerosis (hardening of the arterial walls).

The chain, therefore, closes: acidified diet – autointoxication – high blood pressure – hard arteries – premature death.

Therefore, even if you are considered an eccentric because of food, do not pay attention to it. Remember that these eccentricities save you from the graveyard. Let the so-called absolutely normal people laugh.

You will be the last to laugh. At the first danger signals, switch from potatoes to tomatoes, from cheese to fruits. If the blood cannot be kept neutral, let it be alkaline.

But don’t let her sour . The danger is the worse, the less noticeable it is. Few people imagine that they suffer from a mild, albeit chronic acidosis, but this will lead to various disorders, diseases and premature death.

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