Toxic acid crystals

Stand at the corner of the street and watch the walk of ordinary pedestrians.

The legs, knees, hips, spine and head seem somewhat constrained. When moving, there is no free flexion of the joints. Look at the legs. It seems that people hardly lift them and put them flat on the ground. The knees seem stiff, the spine and head stiff. The whole body seemed to have lost its elasticity.

Cement instead of grease in the joints

Nature has provided every joint of the human body with a considerable reserve of flexibility, aided by lubrication, the so-called synovial fluid. Take a look at a ten year old boy, pay attention to the ease of flexing his joints. Why? I know that you will answer me: “This child is only ten years old, I am 66. I cannot enjoy such freedom of movement as a ten-year-old boy.”

“Why not?” – I ask you. The years of life do not affect the amount of synovial fluid that makes the joints so flexible and mobile. There is only one reason that immobilizes the joints. These are crystals of toxic acids.

Age itself is non-toxic. Regardless of whether you have lived for 40, 50, 60, or 70 years, the supply of synovial fluid does not decrease by itself. Toxic acid crystals cement your joints

Now, when I write this book, I am 85 years old, and I am proud that I have joints that are more mobile than many people who are considered much younger. I easily perform difficult yoga poses while standing on my head. Few in the world can do this at my age. No, not nature cements the joints, and let me confess that I have the flexibility of a ten-year-old boy.

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