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Excess weight, in the vast majority of cases, requires treatment for a long period. People who need to lose extra pounds use a lot of money for this. It is undeniable that a healthy diet and regular physical activity, although not fast, but a much more natural way to lose weight. But there are drugs that can become active helpers in such a difficult struggle. The assortment of pharmacies is now full of various medicines, but they do not always act equally on every single organism. Being interested in the cost of medicines and their use, you should not forget to ask their degree of harmfulness to the body. And only after comparing the pros and cons can you choose the most suitable.

Preparations for weight loss are recommended for use by the following people:

  • those with BMI exceeding 30;
  • those with such diseases as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and a BMI above 27.

All drugs for weight loss are divided into several types, and at the moment the most accessible are those that are used for a short period of time – from 3-4 weeks to several months.

Overview of preparations

Of the most common can be identified drugs aimed at suppressing appetite. They are released in capsules or tablets, and are released freely, without a prescription.

The effect of losing weight is achieved through deception of the body, which is under their action, believes that it is full. Such pills work on increasing the level of serotonin and catecholamines, due to which the appetite decreases.

On sale, in addition to tablets, there are toffee, lollipops, and other products with this effect. They are more gentle compared to capsules.

There are a variety of pharmacies and diuretics. They often consist of various herbs, and remove all excess liquid from the body, eventually reducing the weight. But such preparations can not affect the fat layer. To all it is necessary to remember that together with the liquid useful minerals also leave, therefore simultaneously with them it is desirable to take medicines that will support the level of minerals. In addition to traditional diuretic collections of various herbs, there are also teas of so-called deep cleaning in the range of pharmacies. The principle of their action is always the same, and they differ only in names. Virtually all the fees are harmless, but it’s also not worth the wait. They are able to cleanse the body, put in order sleep, improve the overall condition, but long-term purification is always harmful to the body.

In order to disperse the metabolism, thermogenic preparations are used. Such fat burners are effective additives, and have a unique property of raising temperature, within acceptable, safe limits. And after the increase, all excess fat begins to be actively involved in energy metabolism, and literally burns. Because of this effect, the name “thermogenic fat burners” appeared. Such substances, in different volumes, are included in almost all additives for weight loss. But you need to know that you can only apply them to people with an absolutely healthy heart, and strictly follow the instructions on the package.

Pharmacies can also offer drugs that cause a sense of satiety. Getting into the stomach with a lot of water, which they need to drink, they swell and fill the stomach and as a result, the brain receives a signal of saturation. Such preparations still well conduct cleaning of the intestine, restoring its microflora. But for a good satiety effect, you need to use a fairly large portion of such tablets.

There is another kind of medication for weight loss. These are drugs that work in the intestines and block the absorption of calories, or blockers of calories. The origin of the drug is a vegetable, as it is based on the extract of white beans. The substances that make up the drug are able to block from 25 to 75 percent of calories per day, so weight loss goes without chemistry and naturally.

Effective drugs for weight loss, user recommendations

To reduce weight, the following preparations are usually used:

  • Triiodothyronine –┬áhormones shchitovidki, produced synthetically.
  • Metformin – a drug for the treatment of diabetes.
  • Tophizepam – a sedative, with which you can achieve anorexigensic effect.
  • Clenbuterol – with the help of this drug treat bronchitis in farm animals.
  • Dietress – the substances of this drug affect the central nervous system, so that satiety during meals comes faster.
  • Rhelex microcrystalline cellulose – these drugs work by swelling in the stomach.
  • Xenical – its components block the absorption of fats. But along with this drug is always observed a special diet, developed by a doctor individually. One of its multiple pluses is the reduction of cholesterol in the blood.
  • Redoxin meridia – contain the substance sibutramine. It helps to regulate appetite, produce serotonin, and normalize metabolism.
  • Bromelite – consists of pineapple enzymes with the addition of fiber. He works, swelling in the stomach.
  • Chitosan is made of the shell of the Far Eastern crab. It blocks fat absorption, cleans and adsorbs.
  • Alli – Lipase inhibitor. When administered orlistat inhibits gastric and pancreatic lipases. As a result, the breakdown of food fats is violated and their absorption from the digestive tract decreases. With systematic use, this effect leads to a reduction in body weight in patients with obesity. Orlistat is practically not absorbed from the digestive tract and, in connection with this, practically does not have a resorptive effect.

There is a possibility that some preparations of Chinese origin contain substances such as sibutramine and fenfluramine. If taken without a prescription, unpredictable consequences may occur. Usually, all cases are described in reviews on forums, or groups in social networks:

  • I drank Xenical, Meridia, Slim Code, Chitosan and many other Chinese tablets. Kilograms disappear, but with improper nutrition they return back, taking prisoners and dropping them is already more difficult.
  • I bought capsules in the pharmacy that were advised at the forum, they had to beat off the appetite. After several days of reception, something strange began to happen to me, I woke up in the middle of the night and lay till morning without sleep, my head started to hurt, my tongue was covered with bloom.
  • Appetite disappeared and, following a diet, I lose up to three kilograms per week
  • Meridia is a great thing, I drank them and lost weight, but do not forget that this is a prescription drug.


To properly select a drug, you need a visit to the endocrinologist-doctor or a nutritionist, since any appointment requires an individual approach. At the consultation, the doctor will take into account the number of extra pounds (for the appointment of tablets, their number should be at least 30), various chronic diseases, general health.

In the pharmacy will help select drugs based on prescriptions. And by adding pills to a healthy diet and an active rhythm of life, you can achieve the desired result in losing weight much more quickly.

The standard course of taking medication is from 4 to 8 weeks, and the maximum allowed is 3 months. After stopping the intake, you should observe a moderate diet, otherwise weight loss is inevitable.

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