Low back pain – the curse of humanity

Few people are relieved of back pain. Watch how middle-aged people bend over, you will see a grimace of suffering on their faces as they straighten up. Every day you can hear from them: “Oh, my back!”

But crystals of toxic acids do not stop in the lower back, they rise higher along the spine, reach the shoulder girdle, shoulder joint, elbow joint, neck, and even approach the wrist and fingers joints.

Some people are so poisoned that they can’t even make their fist. They all refer to the same thing: “The joints hurt because I’m getting old.”

Do not believe it. The true reason is poisonous acid crystals.

Americans take billions of pills designed to bring relief to those who suffer from joint pain. Thousands of people are seeking salvation in the hot mineral baths, seeking other methods to get rid of these pains.

I myself do not suffer with joints. And I do not want my recommendations to be perceived as the next cure for joint pain. But I argue that there are ways to solve this problem.

Fasting for cleansing

When you fast from 24 to 36 hours or three to ten days, the health forces begin to work in your body . I repeat again and again that these forces cleanse and renew your body. This energy is always with you.

When you go to full starvation with distilled water, your vitality, usually spent on chewing, digestion, absorption and excretion, is now used to cleanse the body. That is why fasting is a deep inner cleansing, physiological rest for renewing vitality.

Suppose you are a person at the age of 60 and eat three times a day regardless of whether you are hungry or not, which is why toxic acid crystals penetrate the joints. And starvation will allow nature and the internal forces of your body to destroy these crystals, which accumulate over the years.

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