Some people think that they are resting, sitting at the table and sipping some strong stimulant, for example, alcohol or coffee, tea and other drinks. This is the usual picture of a modern cafe.

I understand the rest as complete freedom from any activity, peace, relaxation. Rest means peace to me for the mind and spirit, it means rest without anxiety and excitement, the freshness of mind and body. Your rest should bring absolute freshness to your entire nervous system.

When you relax, do not sit with your legs crossed, because in this position you pinch the artery that feeds the leg. So, in this position you do not rest, but overload your heart with tremendous work. Never cross your legs when sitting.

Rest – means to ensure free circulation of blood throughout the body. If your shoes are too tight, if your tie is knotted too tight, if your hat is too small, if the collar of a shirt or some other clothes are too tight, know that you are not resting.

The best rest is when all clothes are thrown off the body. No clothes should be on you if you want to relax with convenience and benefit.
Often people say, “I have to rest.” But when they sit down to rest, they begin to nervously drum their fingers on the table, twitch or fuss. The art of recreation consists in concentration. One of the options – rest undressed on a solid bed.

Sunbathing is also good, because there is nothing more relaxing muscles and nerves than the soothing rays of the sun. When you rest, you must free your brain from all worries, worries and problems. When the muscles and nerves are relaxed, the work of the heart slows down, and breathing becomes slow and calm. It brings deep relaxation and complete rest.

A good rest is a short sleep, during which you can completely relax your muscles. I am best restored night sleep.
Most people are used to using stimulants: tobacco, drugs, coffee, tea, alcohol, or tonic drinks, which only encourage tired nerves.
Therefore, people who use stimulants never have complete rest and relaxation, their nerves are always in an excited state.

Rest must be earned by physical and mental activity, as they go hand in hand. Very many people suffer from insomnia, take countless medications to sleep, but in return receive artificial sleep.
No one can get complete rest from medication. Never will any medicine give a refreshing, healthy, normal, satisfying sleep. An organism full of toxins is a permanent nerve pathogen. How can you spend a good and peaceful night with excited nerves? When people give up stimulants during a fasting program, they sleep deeply and rest completely.
You yourself will notice that as soon as you begin to cleanse the body, you will have an increased ability to relax and you will get great pleasure from a deep, full-restful night’s sleep.

Frequent change of activity is also a major factor in maintaining good health. During the working day, we should change the types of activities more often.
We live in a crazy world filled with the spirit of competition. In the conditions of our civilization, when “man is a wolf to man,” we have to withstand tremendous stress and endure heavy blows.

I am sure that this is the reason why people are addicted to tobacco, coffee, alcohol and other stimulants. In the business world, there is not only a competitive spirit, but also a desire to strengthen one’s own position.

People always strive to outdo each other, tirelessly following the created stereotype. But this fake stereotype takes a huge amount of energy.

Life must be joy!

Is it not surprising that today we have 15 million chronic alcoholics and millions of drug addicts? We have forgotten that to live is to feel alive and joyful.

A quiet life is the happiness of a few in our society. Life now is haste, haste and more haste. Where are we in a hurry? To the hospital or to the grave?
To be able to relax, rest and sleep, you need to plan the day so that there is time for rest, entertainment, exercise, and a good night’s sleep.

You will not be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep if you have overloaded your stomach, if you haven’t done any exercise in the fresh air, such as a three-kilometer walk or gardening.

I do not consider homework or my daily activities a great physical exertion.
Work on the air, walking and running are necessary. You should please your body with natural food, distilled water, fresh air and sunlight. Of course, it is very easy to ridicule people who use the motto “back to nature”, but we, following nature, just treat those people who always laugh the last.

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